Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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natalie921 - June 26

Hi All, Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for about 6months now and have had nothing but negative results apart from 1 time I did three tests and they showed up positive and I wasn't. I have now started getting menstrual cramps, needing the loo desperatly when I wake, heavier discharge, feeling a little sick but not overly sick, more short tempered, headaches and I have even had a nose bleed which is apparantly common in pregnant women. I have been pregnant before and miscarried at 7weeks. The only thing is when I was preg last time I was far more emotional but I was depressed at the time I am happy now and am not crying for no reason etc. I have done 2 preg tests one before I was due on and one 2 days after I was due on and they were both negative. If I am pregnant I will be maximum 5weeks do you think it still may be too soon. I cant cope with another negative result. Please help??


stacy22 - July 18

i have had period pains for 3 days but no period,would a preg test work now?


mojolucas - July 19

I spoke with my OB/GYN for the the simple fact my period in 6 days late, breat tenderness, etc... my test was negative and the OB/GYN nurse told me I had 2 options...1) wait a week and take another test or 2) come in for a blood test. As pain as it is, I have chosen to wait.


dixielanddelight - July 19

i, too, am experiencing symptoms like most of you. i am 3 days late and ttc. abdominal cramping, frequent urination and watery discharge. i do not have tender or swollen b___sts, increased stress, change in meds or diet, or any other symptoms. my doctor had me come in for a blood test and he is going to get back to me this afternoon or tomorrow morning. wish me luck!!


Emmap29 - July 21

I got my last period on June 17. Have taken 2 home pregnancy tests, both positive. Went to my doctor, that urine test was negitive. Wants to see me again next week for blood test. Had some spotting yesterday, but only lasted 4 - 5 hours. Help??


stacy22 - July 21

still no period,cramps,bloating,pains in my b___sts,water coming out of my v____a,emotional.please someone help,i have taken 2 tests but both negative,cannot sleep getting pains in my tummy and sharp pains in my v____a.please can someone help me?


Ayla - July 24

p.s I have backaches alot and get realy dizzy while i am at work and when i get up from sitting down for a while. Or even if I do something really fast like turn around I get really dizzy and feel like I am bout to fall down. I get really hot all the time. And my food cravings has changed alot. I am always wanting eggs and oranges. LOL! I am tired 24/7 and find myself always takin a nap before going to work. Also tryin to squeeze into some jeans! I am just ready to know if I am pregnant or not please give me your opinion


jenny72406 - August 12

hey girls! I have a problem, my perid is 7 days late. i have sore nipples, i feel bloated i look bloated too. i have had period cramps and no period. wut do you girls think?


jenny72406 - August 12

what can i do


Ayla - August 12

Hey Jenny.... Have you taken an HPT yet? If not go to the store and buy one and tomorrow morning right when you wake up go take it and see what it says! keep us updated! Was it your first time doing anything? If so it can mess up your hormones and make your period late. Dont stress over anything!


jenny72406 - August 12

Ayla no I have not done a pregnancy test. And nope its not the first time. lol I'm married.. And the age of 22


jenny72406 - August 12

Ahii I still have no blood i'm going on day 8 tomorrow. My husband and i want a baby so bad!!! this is the first time ive been this late. i feel like if i'm going to come on but nothing. i'm scared of taking a pregnancy test and be dissapointed.


want#2bad - August 13

I am in the same boat...I have a 15 month old son. My husband and I have been TTC #2 for 8 months now. I got pregnant with my son on the 1st cycle of clomid. I have had 6 clomid cycles this time, but I am currently taking a break from clomid. I am 3 days late for my period. I am NEVER late!!!! I have no signs or symptoms of my period coming and only a few pregnancy symptoms (Nausea being the main one). I called my Dr. and she said to wait until the end of the week and if I haven't started by then, she would do a blood test. I have taken HPT's, but all have been negative... :( Any Advise?


amylove0701 - August 14

hi all im currently ending day 6 with NO period.... but i have two - hpt???? Anyone heard of this


prettier1 - August 16

i am 8days late today and still no sign of AF coming, two hpt and both neg, i wonder what is really going on with my body as i have always been regular and never late. constant headache, serious heart burn and metallic taste in mouth. i am just frustrated and stress out over this.


misssunshine - August 17

well i was due to come on, on the 6th - didnt think nothing of it as i was stil getting bad cramps like period pains and felt i was gonna come on any day..but then days turned into night and then 10 days later i have done a test - its positive - we have been trying for 4 months - however no other pregnancy symptoms whatsoever...good luck girls



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