Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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misssunshine - August 17

well i was due to come on, on the 6th - didnt think nothing of it as i was stil getting bad cramps like period pains and felt i was gonna come on any day..but then days turned into night and then 10 days later i have done a test - its positive - we have been trying for 4 months - however no other pregnancy symptoms whatsoever...good luck girls


honey19 - August 18

What pregnancy test did you use misssunshine? Cause i am almost 6 weeks late and have taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative and im having pregnancy symptoms!


marie84 - August 28

Dont know myself but im having the same problem. I've been waking up during the night with cramps and they come and go during the day. Feminax tablets help!! It feels as if i should be comming on, but there are no signs of it happening. i've been on the NHS website and period cramps are a__sociated with pregnancy. Is there anything else it could be?


Ang3lz - September 8

My sister is having simular problems as you ladies. She had her normal cycle in May. She missed her cycle in June, July, August, and now this is September...still no cycle! She is 29 years old and does not have any kids yet. She went to the doctor 3 times...they did 3 pregnancy tests and all of them were negative. The doctor gave her some medicine to make her cycle come on...she took the pills for 10 days just like they told her to do...still no cycle. All the pills did was make her cramp. If she had s_x June 2 and had 3 negative test...could she still be pregnant? Should she take another test or do you all think that maybe something else is wrong with her?


dukele - October 2

Ladies you will just have to keep testing until you either get a period, go to the doctor, or get a (+) HPT. I knew I was preggo right away because I was little nauseus and had a headache and sore BB"s. I was also so tired. I kept taking the HPT's because I felt the symptoms but it took a while for it to show up. My advice is to wait longer than the recommended time to read the test (just don't totally trust the answer) All the neg tests that I had thrown in the trash eventually turned pos. While you can't exactly trust those tests as definitive, it might clue you in that in the next couple of days you might see a (+) HPT. BTW, I am a lab tech and I run preg tests all day long. The basic preg test performed in a lab is absolutely no different than what you can do at your house. The indicator is made of EXACTLY the same color read. The only difference is that instead of placing urine on the indicator, you place serum because it is less subject to dilution. That is why when you are testing at home, you should do it as soon as you wake in the morning as your first morning void when your HCG level is at its most concentrated. Then you can test every three days--as HCG levels should double--until you get a (+).


andreachristine - December 30

I am 2 days late. This is my second cycle off of birth control, and i don't remember and didn't track how regular I was before the pill. I was right on schedule after my first month off bc, but now I'm two days late, and experiencing period sympoms like cramps and bachaches. However, these cramps will come on then go away if I hold still, but if I get up or something, they return. Has anyone else had this.


everybodys-fool - January 1

I'm in the same boat, kind of. I'm 4 days late. Have been having cramp for the past 3 days. Feeling sick, anf feeling like i should be on, i keep having to go to the toilet to check if i am on, because it feels like i am. I've also been having a few pains down there. I took a test 2 days ago and it came out negative, but is there a chance that could be wrong? I've only had s_x the once this month, and he pulled out. But i know that is still risky.


prettier1 - January 5

4days late now.


Cristy Lynn - February 28

I'm not due to start for a couple of days, but about a week ago I felt sick. Like my sister did when she found out she that she is preg. My mom thinks I may be so does my sis and boy friend. Although now they may think otherwise cause of all the cramping course I've been cramping for like 3 weeks...I cramp even after my period. I've had all the pms signs but it was different and its hard to explain. I was sick to the tummy and felt like throwing up but never did. Also my b___bs swelled a lil bit which they never do and one nipple will get sensative every couple of days, again thats not like me, they're never sensative.and my period was late last month. Anyway I know I'm not cause my boyfriend had a vasectomy over 17 years ago. Unless by some miracle God healed him or his body decided to heal itself. I've tried to get them to understand its not possible. But now they have me believing them. Sigh I just don't know what to do anymore. I want a baby and we are looking into having his vasectomy reversed, Doc said he is fertile so its a good chance it would work. Just can't seem to get the money up for it cause things keep coming up. What I need is someone to put my mind to ease and to rest. and maybe a blessing or two. Prayers work miracles Thanks.


lost and curiuos - March 12

hey i am out here lookin for some answers if anyone could help me? Ok so i have had my period for 9 years or so and i never have been late, i went on the pill about 5 months ago andi started to be 2 days late but that is the most and that cleared up after 2 months. I am currently 4 days late for my period and i am freakin out. The last time i had s_x was about 1/12 weeks ago, i was on the pill and he pulled out i know for a fact he didnt c_m in me. Today on day 4 of being late i woke up and i had brownish/clear discharge wheni wipe myself. I have never has this happened? i am also have normal signs of bein on my period increased appet_te, feelin bloated, cramps etc but i have also gotten a really sore right nipple that i just noticed last night. if anyone out there has answers or this has happened to them i would like some input. I have also been kinda stressed lately as to i am finishing college this week and i have exams which are killers!


CgGirl - March 14

lost: it could be that you are but maybe not. The only way to know is to take a test. The discharge could be implementation spotting, or just that your uterus is stretching. Good luck


toscaria - April 9

I can't believe this thread started almost 4 years ago...well if anyone is still listening, I'd like to share that I am several days late too, with many symptoms and I'm hoping I am prego. I've had several negative HPTs, so I am going for a blood test tomorrow. Please, if anyone is there, please pray that I am pregnant! Thank you ;)


mandabee - May 14

Hi there. I wanted to add my story in the hope it might help others. We have been ttc for 1 year. Many late periods and many many possible signs of pregnancy and nothing.. once my period was late by 28 days (missed a period nearly) and took nearly 20 tests!! this month I was late, had bad cramps lasting only a minute at a time but about six times a day. This went on for about 2 weeks with no period. Sore nipples but no more so than usual PMT and a couple of headaches but I put it down to stress.. have to say I felt very "un-pregnant". Took test yesterday and very possitive so went to nurse at GP who confirmed yes I am pregnant. Could not believe it! what I would say is try not to worry and stress if it is it is and if you relax you will a__sist your period to come on sooner. Good luck ladies.


alison - July 18

Hi I have all the same symptons as you and am too 6 days late, i have done a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Could it just be that my period is just running late and these are just premenstural symptons or could the test be wrong? I normally have a few symptons before my period is due but all the symptons you have described are what i am going through at the moment. I am not on the pill as we are trying to get pregnant but with no such luck at the moment. Thanks


blue_eyes_girl - September 20

im 8 days late for my period, my bf and I have had s_x a few days ago.. could that make me late for my period? I took 4 pregnancy tests and all turned out negative. I have had symptoms for pregnancy such as : sore b___st, ;lower back pain, going tot he bathroom a lot. and I cant sleep on my belly at night time


nikkib_2188 - October 2

hey i have been having pain like for alomost two weeks before my period like always, but i have only missed two days. my nipples are sore, and i have been feeling sick!!!!! please i need answers!!!!!



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