Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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nikkib_2188 - October 2

hey i have been having pain like for alomost two weeks before my period like always, but i have only missed two days. my nipples are sore, and i have been feeling sick!!!!! please i need answers!!!!!


kisslou - December 5

ive had all the same symptoms and i was 3days late then i had 1day of very very light spots of bleeding but it was old brown blood, now its been a week since that and im still sick and sore b___sts and needing the toilet, ive done one preg test but has c_m out negative, could any1 have any ideas?


Je_Sean - December 21

Great forum! I am a week late with my period and for about two weeks I've been going to the bathroom ALOT and my apet_te has grown esp. for fried foods(yuck!), some nausea here and there, lower back pain, and fatigue. I thought this was some PMS. I'm also constantly bloated(which very noticable) and have been experiencing cramps in my left side for two weeks. Last week the cramps were dull but during the week I was supposed to get my period they got worse for about 2 days and stopped. I'm a dancer and I recently had a performance last Friday and that also made the dull cramps worse. I've already taken 3 test(two this week) and all were neg.! Could it be too early? If I am in fact prego I would be three weeks. I've also had cramps during the time of my menses like it was going to come but nothing! Even today! I'm going crazy because these tests are neg but I'm not feeling like my normal self and have a hunch that I am. I'm worried the would be father is going to Iraq in April and I'm so anxious to know so we can start planning what we need to do next! Should I just keep waiting or might a blood test work better? Any suggestions? Help! Thanks! :-)


olive05 - January 10

Hi everyone im new here.. I found this site while looking for some answers.. hope someone can help me.. Im 21, married.. and was on levlene birth control pills until about 4 months ago.. this month my period should have come on the morning of the 9th.. its usually like clockwork.. same day and almost same time.. the latest it has ever been is one day.. this month however i am 3 days late.. im cramping, have slightly sore b___sts, more fatigued than usual.. and i keep feeling like my period is about to come at any min except till now it hasnt.. could i be pregnant? when would be the best time to test?


Jwj - January 19

From experience, my girlfriend gets sore nipples all the time, and has not yet been pregnant. Also we are wondering if she is now pregnant or not. She has irregular periods, this previous month she was 5 days early, this month she is now 7 days late. should we be worried?


chanelle - February 1

hia. im 19 and have been off the pill injection for a year now due to some problems... my periods came back 2 months later and have been like clockwork ever since but am now four days late and having lots of period pains.. iv done a test but came back negative. im to scared to talk to n e 1 else.. so if some 1 can help me that would be great.... thankyou! xx


mommyoftwo07 - June 9

I am feeling some of your guys symptoms like bad cramping sore back 3 days late. I know I am not pregnant I had my tubes clipped over a year ago( I was 23 years old). My cycle has been normal for the past 3 months now I am late I am confused.


jaders12 - November 7

hi my names jade and i was suppost to start my period on the 2nd and i am 6 days late what should i do?


wgaley190 - March 23

i am 7 days late on my period this only happened once about 2 yrs ago when i stopped birth contol and changed my eating habits... i havent changed anything this time i have cramps similar to period cramps just a more sharper pain. about 3 days ago i had about 3 drops of blood and nothing more. someone help me please im only 19 and not ready for what i think is going on.


MissConfused - May 9

i am 5 days overdue my periodd! help


teacher56 - June 14

I am 6 days late and I have had symptoms like if I was to get my period, but nothing. I wanted to tell the girls that if they do home pregnancy tests, the urine that is best for knowing if you are or not is the FIRST ONE IN THE MORNING. This would give you a better response....


veronicaa - July 27

hey im 17 yrs old im on the pill but dont take it that well ( yeah i know its stupid of me :( ) well im 4 days late and i've been feeling so nauseas over the last week or so, i have cramo like im going to get my period but i havnt got it. i had a tiny tiny amount of really pale pink blood today when i wiped but it seems to be gone. i tihnk ill wait a few more day before i take a test but do you think i could be preg? please msg back


MissyMrs - August 9

Hello, I'm completely new to all this, however i'm two days late for my period, however i feel like I will start soon, my b___bs are so tender, i'm getting cramps now and then, i'm emotional and have been constantly tired, could I be pregnant?? I'm quite scared of taking a test as because of my size (i'm very slim) i was made to believe i would not be able to easily conceive so it may just be me jumping to conclusions as children is something i would love to have the option of, please help, what should i do? I dont really want to inform my fiance of my scares as i know he really wants kids so i dont want to get his hopes up. help help help


asha89 - September 4

hey iv got questions id love to be answerd but if u cant answer them any advise will do... here goes. "i am 6 days late for my period now my period has never been late that i know of...iv had unprotected s_x for the last 3 years and have had plenty of tests for s_xuall diseases and im clean iv had 3 partners in the past and have never fallin pregnant now im with my current bf for a year now and he has had a son to his ex so i know hes not infertile.anyway now that i am 6 days late im hoping im pregnant but im now starting to get my usual period symtoms i keep running to the toilet coz i think im bleeding but its just clear ot cloudy like mucas??? iv had 3 prego test all diff brands and hav all said negative could i still be pregnant ,but im just testing to soon or am i just thinking that i am that my period is just on hold? pls any advise will do....


chanchan311 - September 5

the last time i had s_x was the third week in july. it was protected, but i wasnt on birth control. the guy didnt even finish, so im not sure if im right or wrong here. but i was supposed to get my period on august 30th, and i just got it today. i had some cramping after the 30th & before now, but i wasnt sure if those were menstrual cramps or not. could i be pregnant?? i have a home pregnancy test, but dont know when to take it. HELP PLEASE.


StarryNight - September 14

well it depends..what exactly do u mean by "virgin"? uve never done anything at all?or uve just never had s_x



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