Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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louise - April 30

please help i am 7 days late i am having period like pains sore b___sts urinating frequantly and feeling sick through the day on and off. done 5 tests all neg am i likely to be pregnant or not please help as i am going mad and spending a fourtune on tests.


Lindsay - May 2

in answer to the following: Name: Andrea | Date: April 30, 2005, 8:33 Answer: I am three weeks late and been having period cramps eavery day for about 1 min or so. My b___sts are REALLY sore as well. I did a clear blue tets and it was vERY slightly positive....did a first response and it was definetly positive! Is the cramping normal..this far along? CRAMPING IS VERY NORMAL. aLOT OF WOMEN HAVE IT THROUGHOUT THERE PREGNANCY, I KNOW I DID. BUT IF IT IS SOMETHING THAT CONCERNS YOU, MAKE SURE YOU LET YOUR DOCTOR KNOW ABOUT IT ON YOUR NEXT VISIT!!!


Lindsay - May 2

Does anyone know what ever became of Pamela Nicol? Name: Pamela Nicol Title of Question: period pains no blood and 6 days late?


KF - May 3

Well Im 2 almost 3 days late. I havent had a test as I want to wait to see if I miss my period for a week. My periods are always on time except this time of course. My partner and I have been trying for another baby. I have been getting sore backs, been getting very emotinal (crying) when I wouldnt normally, my b___st havent been feeling sore, just a little weird. Ive also been getting itchy on my body (which is what happened to me when i was pregnant with my first child) I havent been felling nauseated but If Im pregnant Id probably get that on my 7th day. I will post my results in 4 days time. :)


linda - May 3

not an answer, but i am 6 days late and only had intercourse once in the month, 4 days before my period was due, i have done a preg test twice and it's neg both times, could i possibly be pregnant, help!!


Jennie Smart - May 6

Ok, I have no period, 8 days late, very lights spotting sore nipples - like they could pop of. Did six pregnancy test, the one that measure lowes hcg, and saw my doc today who rea__sured my no I'm not pregnant - I really don't think I am either by why the nipples so painful and hard?


heather - May 7

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of this year. I stopped my birth control in December and we have been trying ever since. My period has always been regular until the last one on March 25. I am now over two weeks late and I have taken two tests. Both have been negative. What to do next?????


Lulu - May 9

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months. I did a very sensitive pregnancy test 1 day before my period was due - negative. I'm now 4 days late (normally very regular) and have been having mild period pain for the past 2-3 days (which I don't normally get until it starts). Have felt like I'm about to get my period any minute, all day! Is it normal/possible to be pregnant and still have these pains???


Jas - May 9

I know the feeling, I am 7 days late, I took two pregnancy test and both were negative? And I totally feel like I am goint to get my period, but it just doesn't come. I am going to the doctor by Friday if it doesn't come.


Lulu - May 9

Well. Only the test will tell. My supposedly 'ultra senst_tive' hpt was wrong! Did a test this morning at 5 days late and got the shock of my life when it was positive! All the best Jas :)


Heather - May 10

I am 10 days today. I did a hpt test on saturday and it said negative. That was when I was 5 days late. Was that too soon, or should I test again? No birth control cause it causes migraines, but we use the withdrawal method and have been for a year and a half. I guess it's time for me to be the a part of the 19% failure rate of the withdrawal method. Any Comments?





Jessi - May 11

Okay, I am joining in with all of these...I am 7 days late. I have been off of birth control for about 3 mos. I always start at the same time and have never been this late. I took two pregnancy tests and they both came up negative. My nipples are also tender but not my b___bs. I didnt know how soon one could conceive or if you could right before you were supposed to start? Any suggestions or advice? I guess I will wait longer. Just hard to be patient


Heather - May 11

Well I am now 12 days late and still no period. Hmm, what can be going on here. I did another test, and still negative. Something is definately going on though. Someone told me that it took her two months of pregnancy before it showed on her hpt. I guess I will wait and see if it ever come. Us poor women, we have it bad. Men have all the luck!


emma - May 12

is it normal to get virgin pains at 16 weeks preganent


emma - May 12

is it normal to get virgina pains at 16 weeks preganent



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