Pinching Pains In Sides Is This Normal

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K - October 3

Hello ~ This is my first pregnancy so every little weird feeling freaks me out. I am in either my 7th or 8th week and have experienced mild period like cramping, which my Dr. said was normal but just now had a pinching or tugging like pain in my right side of my stomach up near my belly button. Is this also normal? I cannot find any info. on the internet about pinching pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Any info. would help! Thanks


L - October 20

This is also my 1st pregnancy so i know exactly how you feel. I had cramping well into my 2nd month. I'm now in the 14th week and am feeling pinching/tugging pains in my lower belly, usually on the sides. It kind of feels like if I had pulled a muscle. I don't know what it is, but think it might my the uterus expanding for the baby. Our bodies are going to be stretched and pulled all over the place so I wouldn't worry about a little discomfort, but if you have real pain, call your dr right away.


Steph - October 21

Hi, this is ASLO my first pregnancy so I am concerned about everything. My doctor told me that it is very normal to feel cramps in ur belly and even back. I am 10 weeks today and had them from about the time I was 5 weeks. They are slowly getting better (or maybe I just dont feel them as much) but its FUN!!! I love being pregnant! If anyone wants to email me we can all go through our little worries together!!! [email protected]


Louise - October 30

I found out i am pregnant and and i feel discomfort as well. This is my first one and i felt a niggle up my side and sometimes feel crampy pains down below my stomach. I am worried as i have had a miscarriage before but i feel it doesnt matter if you havent had a miscarriage you still worry. I always check if theres blood.


Jodie - October 30

Okay I think I may be pregnant but I get these pain on my sides of and on allday. Is this a sign? It happens all the time.


Hollee - November 6

I was wondering the same thing. This is my second child and I't took me awhile to remember that I had some cramps with my daughter as well. I went to the doctor recently and they think appendicitis,miscarriage or tubal. I know already that I'ts not either of these choices.I would suggest that you just keep you're eyes and ears open. But I did have that at about eight weeks as well and I'm about six or seven weeks now. and it's the same cramps as last time. I'll keep you posted.


Isis - December 7

glad to find your message as i haven't been able to find anything concerning pinching on right side near belly b___ton either. it is quite a severe pinch too and not something you can really ignore! so unfortunately i can't say what it is exactly (been meaning to ask my dr) but i am at 31 weeks and have had the feeling on and off throughout an extremely healthy and normal pregnancy (so far). hope it doesn't bother you too much and will post again if i find anything about it.


DC - December 13

Well what a relief to see your posts. I am now in my fourth/fifth week and feel similar pinching and very mild, occasional cramping. My doctor says it is normal considering what our bodies are experiencing. My prayers are with all of you!


kat - December 19

i think im pregnant but too early to know for sure,ive been getting cramping pains in my lower left side of my stomach,do i need to worry somethings wrong??


Heather - December 26

Hiyas, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and have a problem with uti's. Urinary tract infections are common in pregnancy. I had them bad with my firdt, this pregnancy they put me on Macrodan to prevent them. Anyways thats what a uti feels like when I get them. Everyones different though. Ask ur doctor to give you a urine test your next visit. Oh yea, and the beely b___ton pain,.....sux but its normal. Aweful things we have to go threw to get such a beatiful reward :)


y - January 1

I am 15 weeks pregnant and am having the same feeling. It's sometimes like a hunger pang -- though not in the right spot for one. Pinching is a good description..but a little lower and to the (my left) of my belly b___ton. I was sure I was feeling my first movements! But more reading suggests that it may just be the uterous expanding.


Trisha - January 19

I am an OB/GYN nurse, and I hear this complaint daily. It sounds like what you are experiencing is Round Ligament pain. You have a bunch of ligaments under and around the uterus that help support it. As your uterus grows, these ligaments must stretch to accomodate the enlarging uterus.This can cause the types of pain it sounds like you are having. I commonly hear the pain referred to as pinching, pulling, or sharp shooting pains. Any pain that you experience is worthy of mentioning to your physician, just to be on the safe side. If you have any other unusual symptoms such as spotting/ bleeding, fever, or unbearable pain, contact your doc right away. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


garrett - February 27

fair play to Trisha the ob nurse, thanks for a very clear, concise and rea__suring answer.You are a credit to your profession.


Christina - June 17

I am in my 8th week, this is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm feeling the samething! I was freaking out, because I don't remember feeling it this much with my other two. I have a friend who is an RN, who has also had 4 kids. She said the same thing as the OB/GYN nurse. I've been feeling it a lot over the last 2 weeks. She said that it might feel more intense than the last two, because I have experienced 2 prior pregnancies, and that I may recognize many symptoms earlier. I think that as long as you don't experience any bleeding, you're o.k. However, be sure to bring it up to you doctor if the pain gets worse. Remember, your uterus fairly small and by the time you're in the last trimester, it has strecthed all the way to your belly b___ton!


LES - June 20

This pain is normal, unless you start bleeding. It is called round ligament pain. It stands fore the stretching ligaments of your uterus. These pains are good. It means that your uterus is growing, and if your uterus is growing, the baby is growing. GOOD LUCK!


B - June 27

I am experiencing the same problems...I have a lot of "pinching" in the sides of my stomach. I am 13 wks though. I'm trying to find something on the internet as well, I go back to my doctor July 22 and I will ask him just from another doctor's perspective but, I just wanted to let you know your not the only one!!! I'm glad someone is doing the same thing because I was very worried.


MommyMe - June 29

this is my 2nd preg, 14 years later and i've been having the tugging pain and i swear i just felt this pain, almost like a kick to the right of my belly b___ton. i feel comfort knowing it's not just me. thanks for all the info



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