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SAMMY - February 15

I am in so much agony i am really tired of being pregnant, i am 32 weeks + 1day I am pretty much sure i have SPD and i can hardly move at times, i went to see the consultant and basically he told me to grin and bare it till the end because there nothing that can really be done. He did push down on my pubic bone and asked if it hurt, i said no because it didnt. But now i can feel it hurting and when i press down on it its painful almost like its bruised. I click sometimes and it feels like my bones are sepaerating. Also i get stabbing pains in my va___a, when im not getting pains there i get stabbing pains in my stomach and dull aches and like cramping too, i can still feel this at times when i am resting but when i rest i can feel like a really dull ache in my back. Maybe all this is part of pregnancy but its getting to much for me to bare now, i want to go see the midwife or ring them but when i ring them they say just rest its all normal at this stage. If only they knew how much pain i was in, im not getting listened to and i feel i should have to put up with it. Has anyone got anything to say on this. I wish i wasnt pregnannt anymore, no one can help me. Im so fed up and its getting me really down


Ema - February 22

I felt the same things u r with my 1st & 2nd child and they didnt listen to me till i had my husband take me to the hospital and found out i was in labor that whole time and was ready to have my kids. if they dont listen go to the hospital and have them check u out.i went into labor at 34wks & 37wks. GOOD LUCK


Shawna - March 3

I felt the same way as well with my first and now with my second. I was not in labor, however, but it is quite painful. My son was born on the day he was due. You may feel as though your pelvis is fractured or something. I had all the same symptoms as you, and do now with my second child. I also click, and have trouble...and pain lifting my legs...which is very upsetting being a dancer (ballet and modern) and only 27 (21 with my first). You are so close, concentrate on the baby inside...try---instead of your pain. I know how it feels I have another two months to go, and I am so ready!! Stretching has helped me...and don't go anywhere without a pillow, and sit on it! No one has offered me any help either. Your bones are shifting, you probably have narrow hips like me. The baby is getting ready to come out. Hopefully this will pay off in a short labor like mine. Be blessed! And if you are truly worried, like Ema says, go to the hospital.



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