Please Give Me Some Heartburn Advice

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KrisD - April 25

I am about 21 weeks and have had heartburn since day one. Well, I thought it was bad until now!! NOW it is 10 times worse! I have it 24 hours a day. I am only halfway through this feat! Does anyone have any tips or advice?? Anything?


Tarah - April 25

Try to avoid any spicy or rich foods too often. Also, drink plenty of water. Ask your doctor what medicies you can take for it. I know Tums are ok. Also, try to eat smaller meals more frequently rather than 3 big meals each days. Your digestive system slows down and it takes longer for your food to be digested, so the baby can get all the nutrients it needs. I hope this helps! Good luck and I hope it gets better for you! =)


Amy - April 25

My Dr. told me to try things in this order: Tums, if that doesn't help then try Mylanta, and if that doesn't help try Zantac, they are all safe for pregnancy so no worries about that. When I have heartburn/indigestion I eat a few saltine crackers and drink some gingerale, it is a BIG help when used with the regular meds. Hope this helps.


Lily - April 26

I would recommend talking with your doctor as soon as possible. I'm 13 weeks and up until 11 weeks I had heartburn almost non-stop! I limited my food intake to non-spicy foods, drank an extra gla__s of milk, and tried to never let my stomach go empty for too long. But none of this seemed to help. At my 11 week appointment, my doctor prescribed a prescription dose of Zantac that I can take once or twice a day. And I haven't had heart burn since. Kris, if you are having heart burn all the time then I would strongly recommend talking with your doctor about a remedy. Indigestion, gas and heartburn are terrible. And unfortunately they are horrible when we get them all at the same time! Good Luck!


KrisD - April 26

Thanks for all the advice guys! I have a doctor's appointment on 4/28 and I will bring it up then. I was afraid they wouldn't take it seriously... I sort of feel like we end up just suffering when we are pregnant!!


Corrie - April 26

I also have heartburn all of the time. Find a health food store and buy some papaya-enzymes.They work instantaneously.Eat them before and after. Good luck


Stephanie - April 27

I have had very bad heartburn, my doctor said any heartburn meds are fine but recommends tums with calcium, also, try to avoid any carbonated drinks (they hurt my throat once I had acid reflux) also try not to take in too much citrus fruit (they also hurt my throat) such as oranges, pineapples, mango, things like that, if you are having trouble sleeping at night try propping yourself up with a few extra pillows and keep a gla__s of water by your bed, if it burns drink a little bit to get you back to sleep (although you have to pee alot more!!!) Anyway, I hope this helps a little, I am 9 months and counting and these are like daily rituals now!


nelly - April 27

tums and drinking water and dont lay down right after eating.i know how bad it is i also have it all day and have been having it the whole time and i am about 7 months.


Louise - May 30

A small gla__s of water with a half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in really helps me. My doctor said that it was safe and it works MUCH better than Tums.


Mistee - June 1

I am in the same boat I look at food I get heartburn. SO I told my doctor all she said was take a over the counter pill like pepcid, which I got and has helped. she said take tums cause of the calcuim but they did nothing just like eating candy to me. and maalox help for about 20 mins but would wear off. Try the pepcid pills they helped me


ashley - June 23

hi.....i know this sounds crazy but i was at work and couldn't leave to go get tums or anything for heartburn of my coworkers told me to chew a piece of gum because it produced more saliva in your mouth which would dilute the stomach acid causing the heart burn i thought he was off his rocker and needed to get some help .......but it worked so try it best of luck to u


ashley - June 23

this is also good of u want a drug free pregnancy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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