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M-M-M - November 22

i have hpv and was wondering if this will effect the baby in any way. i am not far along but i don't want to have this effect my first baby. please help


E - November 22

It can be pa__sed onto your baby if you have warts present during the birth. If you do, they may opt for a c-section to avoid you pa__sing the HPV onto your baby. Please let your OB know about this as they will need to make sure there are none present at labor. Best wishes:)


K - December 15

Even if you do have warts, there is a .04% chance that it will effect your baby. a c-section is not necessary being that the chances are far more dangerous to your baby than pa__sing on the warts. I am 7 months pregnant with warts present and my doctor is not concerned at all. Don't worry, your baby will be fine


Anezi - December 27

Whew! I thought that I was the only pregnant person out there with warts. Mine are slowly going away, but i feel so dirty. Im scared for when I have my checkups and for my delivery cuz I think the doctors look at me like Im nasty. {36 weeks}


Christine - December 29

Anezi...HPV is very common...and actually a lot of people never even know they have it/carry it..I was tested and turned out negative thank god, but I'm not sure that that definately means that I dont carry it at E can be harmful if pa__sed to your baby during labor and delivery..but it is uncommon...I'm sure everything will be fine..good luck


the unknown - January 25

HPV can be pa__sed to the unborn child, but only if it pa__ses through the cervix during v____al birth. Let your doctor know and he or she will probably get you prepared and educated about C-Sections to avoid your child getting the virus.


sharon - February 5

im really scared that i might have it too as i found a few small bumps on the opening of my cervix.not sure if im pregnant as test was negative but still unwell.going to a clinic on monday to see whats wrong with me.


Marie - February 23

My other half has HPV, and I've noticed that I've contracted it. I asked my doctor what the risks are of the baby getting it since now Im 8mths along. There is a 7 in 1000 chance of the baby getting larengeal polymitosis. Nothing to worry about. C-section does not lower the risk, natural birth can still take place and after birth they do a swab of the babys throat. Don't worry its very rare..


shannon - March 26

I was told that hpv couldn't harm my baby when i was pregnant with my first and in the first year i knew there was something wrong and doctor after doc, told me nothing was wrong. At the age of two he began throwing up each night for a week and his lips were turning blue! We took him to a family doc in a different province. He was as well very concerned. Days, ambulance drives and even a helicopter ride later to the childrens hospital they discovered warts were closing off his airway and he was breathing out of a pin hole in his throut. He almost died. So now i fear for my second baby and am in constint wonder and worry. As well my best friend said she was told there is a chance of the baby contacting it on there eyes. I was told if i am goin to have any more children to consider a c-section. Know they will probley say my case with my son is rare but it still happened!


Karima Smith - April 1

I dont think that it will effect the baby


T - September 24

I don't know much about the disease I was just sent a letter in the mail by my doctor stating I have HPV I knew nothing about it and im steal researching Im 4months pregnant and scared to death of this hurting my child or developing into cancer thanks for the info you guys offered


Eva - October 4

Im 29 weeks pregnant and also have HPV. I have only one very tiny wart, but I've noticed that lately it's gotten slightly bigger. I'm worried too but from what I've heard and what the doctor told me, it's nothing to worry about. Any one else due the week of Xmas? How are you ladies feeling??


Karen - October 15

We learned that my husband has HPV while we were trying to conceive. In fact he developed warts shortly after we conceived (but we didn't know we had). We were really worried and it was upsetting. Apparently you can carry HPV and have no symptoms. We met with a s_xual health doctor and she said that likely I carry it but have no symptoms. She was adamant that we continue to conceive and not to let HPV get in the way of having a family. She a__sured us that if we were pregant - its possible pregnancy would bring on symptoms in me - I'm 14 weeks and nothing yet. She also states that if there are warts present at time of delivery - a c-section may be considered but only if they suspect that the warts are deep inside my v____a. She states there is a slight chance the baby could develop HPV on his/her throat and eyes but these cases are extremely rare. She was really great. We felt dirty and ashamed when we went in and feeling discouraged about a time that was suppose to be so wonderful - and when we left her office - we no longer felt this way but supported instead. The only danger is my husband is using a ointment that is hazardous to the baby - so we are very careful and when he's off the medicine which is four days a week - we are intimate. I feel very bad for the woman whom explained her story about her son. Remember ladies - we are in charge of our health - if you feel you haven't received adequate information or health care - find another doctor! All the best to you ladies.


Jeffrey - December 7

I have HPV and my wife may have it but shows no symptoms Can we test her for HPV 6 and 11-those that cause warts. My biggest concern in pa__sing the virus during pregnancy to the baby's throat. Marie or whoever-Can the swab of the baby's throat determine whether the baby has contacted hpv during delivery?


KD - January 1

My research indicates that there are over 100 different types of HPV. Talking to a specialist in that field may help you. My daughter was diagnosed with HPV # 16 when she was 17 years old. This is one of the types that cause lesions, not warts, and creates a high risk of cancer. Surgical procedures were used to remove infected tissue on the cervix . Her paps tests came back normal for 10 years. However, a couple years ago the paps tests started coming back bad again. To make a long story short, proper medical care along with proper diet , including juicing of raw organic vegetables, also eating LOTS of raw and cooked vegetables and fruits helped her to get the HPV problem under control. Her's had advanced to a higher risk pre-cancerous stage. It has now been reversed. She has to remain vigilant, though and try to keep her immune system in proper order. My research turned up doc_ments that indicated that birth control pills can create a deficiency in Vitamin B-6 with allows the HPV virus to start causing problems. Folic acid deficiencies is another reason the HPV virus can take a stronger hold. All of the B vitamins work together helping each other to keep us healthy. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR HOPING TO GET PREGNANT, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING SUPPLEMENTS. IT IS HEALTHIER FOR YOUR BABY IF YOUR GET YOUR NUTRIENTS FROM YOUR FOOD AND DOCTOR APPROVED PRE-NATAL VITAMINS. Eating in a manner that will keep your immune system healthy will help you to fight the HPV. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. will help. If you can handle them garlic, onions, broccoli and all of the cabbage family, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, oranges, pineapple, delicious apples, etc. are packed with a large array of nutrients that can help boost the immune system. Unless you are allergic to specific foods, this is also a SAFE way to combat ANY virus. This will also a__sist you to feel like you are doing something to fight the virus instead of feeling helpless. There is a lot of info on the Internet. Run it by your doctor before implementing any self-treatments to make sure you won't be harming your baby or yourselves. There are many herbal remedies that can harm your baby, so I strongly recommend you not try those while you are pregnant or nursing. ALWAYS check with your doctor before taking anything. Best wishes to you all and may God bless!


M-M-M - January 6

THIS IS FOR JEFFREY...i actually had my child and has no signs of hpv at all. i have had him tested and they say he is negative for it. now if you and your wife are s_xually active, which obviously you are if she is pregnant, then she has hpv also, 90% of people have hpv and don't even know it because they show no signs of it. most men don't show signs of it unless they come into contact with a female/male that is positive for it. you and your wife should be fine, if you have a break out they have things to cure them, but while she is pregnant there isn't a whole lot they will do if she has a break out beause they don't want to effect the baby. they will be able to test the baby to see if he/she is positive for hpv but 9 times out of 10 you, your wife and your unborn baby will be just fine and live a wonderful happy life. good luck with the newborn.


EnCee - March 2

WOW am I glad that I found this forum. I just found out today that I have HPV and was concerned on whether I would be able to deliver naturally or not.



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