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LN030905 - June 24

Hey ladies..Ive never been on this forum before..Im normally over on signs of pregnancy. My dh and I started trying to get preg in Jan..went of birth control...then last month my cycle (which is normally 28 days before birthcontrol) was 63 days long so I went to the dr and she did blood tests and it came out neg..well I was soo stressed that we figured thats what it was we decided to quit trying and just to leave in the Lords hands. So..I threw out my ov test strips, etc and I have no idea where I am in my cycle..thinking maybe Im somewhere arounbd ovulatino..well, thursday night about 1030 I was sitting down and all of a sudden I got a HORRIFIC pain and I couldnt get up..I started calling for my husband and he came in there and finally I got up but barely made it to the couch before I doubled over. It was a BAD pain that felt like it was (excuse my way of putting this) tailbone, moved down through my crack and up to my va___a..then it moved to my lower felt like a bubble..but it hurt more whenever I sat down...after about 5 minutes it eased up and I went to bed..I woke up the next morning and when I started moving I was sore in my ab area. Well as the day went on, I felt fine. Then last night my dh and I made love..everything felt normal.but this morning I felt sore again and this afternoon we had s_x again and this time it was sorta uncomfortable. ...felt sensitive in a bad way inside of me. Well now, Im sore badly again...not painful, just have a hard time standing up from sitting and moving around..when i do it feels like someone is joustling my insides. I keep wondering if this isnt something to do with constipation..I have went but it was hard to go. I feel like thats what I need to do but it hurts to Im pushing against a bubble. I also feel like Ive done a LONG and hard ab workout. Anyone feel this way at all ever? during ovulation? cyst perhaps? Thanks ladies!


jas - June 26

My first thought was ectopic with the pain of doubling over and where you were feeling the pain (I had that when my tube burst) but then you said it eased up, so I don't know... Sorry



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