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Marla - December 22

Yes its me againe I got up this morning stil spotting does anyone know how long you could spot if it is egg attacting to female part could someone help me I have been on depo been off for 6 months I haven't had a period yet could this me trying to start or could it be pregnancy see I had a pregnancy test 10 days ago it showed neg but my husband and I have only been trying about 11 days I had alot of cramping for 3 day then yesterday I got up it was a real lite pink went back a few minutes later it was a very dark brown discharge then it it turned back to pink before I layed down last night it had stop got up this morning and it had started back but now it is still very lite but it is more red than pink but still real lite and I'm still cramping could some please give me some advice and pray that I am pregnant


marla - December 23

can someone please give me some advice thanks


L - December 24

Go to the doctor and get a blood test. I was spotting for 2 weeks during my pregnancy and I am currently 8,5 weeks and I also will tell you that my spotting got better with rest and worse with s_x and arrousal.


Kat - January 1

Marla, I feel for you. I spotted for about 5 days at teh beginning of the month but every PT I took has said negative. I just started spotting again, maybe a period, I;m not sure yet. Everythign is so confusing. I'm going tot eh Doctors next week, I think you amy want to do the same. I go back and forth between what my gut tells me and what science tells me. Good luck!


beezus - January 18

when i got off BC by body was all out of wack...I had very weird periods the first few months. very light to dark and then just might just be your body trying to get readjusted to normalcy.


nadia - February 12

ive been trying for two years and im having the same problem, been spotting for 3 days and have alot of cramping....the only thing i can suggest is visiting ur gp, u might have taken a pregnancy test to early, i hope and pray that u r preganant



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