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lynsey - February 18

hi there, im 22 weeks pregnant with 2nd child, the baby was kicking well, quite high around my belly button but now it seems to be kicking really low, it feels like little bubbles are coming out of my va___a and it is as tho the baby is kicking against my cervix, is this normal? any1 else felt this strange sensation? im really worried, any1 with info of wot it could be please please, help me. thank u so much 4 reading this and any advice would be great.


Christine - February 18

It is 22 weeks your baby is still tiny and doing lots and lots of flips and such...he/she will kick in all spots..probably lower at this point since your uterus has not yet grown up into your chest(haha) yet...Im not sure about the bubbles, have you had a sonogram to check your amniotic fluid and such...being to little or two much can change feelings of kicks and such, good luck


HEIDI - March 4

I am now 32 weeks but had exactly the same sensation @ that time also. It started right after my 20 week ultrasound. That is about the time I was really starting to feel the baby move too. I haven't heard from anyone having that same bubble feeling so it rea__sures me I wasn't crazy. It went away eventually and now his movements are strong and high.


Heather - April 2

I'm 27 weeks, and my baby was kicking high and is suddenly kicking very low. I feel the kicks way down in the bottom of my uterus, near my cervix and bladder, and they're often painful...


Mel - May 2

I have had the same sensation. I'm on my second pregnancy and I'm 27 weeks along. Have been feeling low kicks and the bubble thing. Baby is moving alot higher today. I think it's all normal.


Dawn - May 2

I am so glad you are all having the same feeling. I felt my baby move in my tummy area but now at 20 weeks I also feel like she is standing ontop of my cervix and jumping up and down !!



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