Prenatal Vitamins Please Respond

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Mommiex20803 - February 17

I was just wondering if anybody knows of a good prenatal vitamin that wont make you feel nausous (sp!!) after you take it...i use citracel (or whatever its called)...and my doctor told me that...that was the easiest prenatal for women and i mean i take it at night and i take it after i eat....but most of the time i have that nausea sucks! oh and does anyone have any good remedies that maybe will help that? thanks!


Allisonc79 - March 1

I take Flinstones chewables at night (just one) right before I sleep. I chew another half during the day after lunch. It rarely makes feel nausea. Then if your in your first, take an additional Folic Acid supplement, or in your second, some additional calcium, and B-6. The B-6 actually eases the nausea, so take that with your half flinstone chewable during the day. Thats my system and it's the only one working for me, I can't take anything else without getting sick.


flappergirl - March 1

it's likely the high iron that causes the nausea... it should taper off as your body adjusts to it (give it a week at least). A really well trusted one is Materna (by the centrum brand). Whatever you do - don't just stop taking your supplements all together, there's new research every day on how important daily supplements are during the pregancy... from prohibiting spinal problems to even drastically decreasing the chances of cancer appearing later on in the baby. *** I know its hard, but try to keep with it. Have you tried snacking on dry crackers for a few hours after taking the pill - that always helped me out a bit.


Tiffany23 - March 3

I take materna ... and I also felt nausous afterwards and also vomited, but now I wait till around supper time , after I ate a few meals and I am fine now. So you could try that ... anyways goodluck:)


lisarenee - March 6

I am 6 weeks and my doctor let me switch to a childrens vitamin twice daily (flintstones) for the remainder of the first trimester, then she wants me to go back onto prenatals.


nikki2204 - March 7

I take Nutrinate Chewables, its a perscription form but they taste just like Flintstones. I love them..... I had nausea REALLY bad and they didn't effect me at all. Good Luck.


mommy716 - March 23

I take materna! or REXALL prenatal! and I take them with food to avoid stomach ache and I find them easier to take with food because they are big, the food kinda disguises how big the pill is!


Mendi - March 25

I took Wal-Mart brand at night, it really helped me with my nausea.


Lola Bianco - March 28

Hi All, Listen..they (Doctors) say to take Flinstones if you cannot take regular PNV but DON"T take Flinstones because they contain ASPARTAME which is a synthetic sweetner and essential poison. The FDA shot it down for years until Reagan got in the White House. It is extremely dangerous. You gotta watch out for ASPARTAME, it unnaturally excites the brainwaves among other unhealthy physical conditions. Consult with your doctor or try a natural foods store for PNV.


delia101 - April 22

Thanks for the warning Lola, I was concerned and consulted my physician. My doctor and I both went over the ingredients of Flinstone Vitamins, and well mine doesnt mention anthing about Aspartame. Maybe they stop including that particular item in the vitamins.


flipthea - May 5

there is a brand called Finest(I think) and it's sold at Walgreens. I've been using that bec. it's smaller and I don't have problems with it. During the ist trimester I skipped every now and then bec. it still made me sick to my stomach. My doc was fine with it. There are some prescription prenatals that are chewable but they cost an arm and a leg even with insurance.


name - May 6

i went 3 weeks w/out prenatals b/c they'd make me sick. then i found out you can get prenatal chewables and they are soo much better. i take Prenatal 19 Chewables


Danii - May 25

i take elevit at night and haven't had any problems with it. Maybe you could try taking pure ginger tablets to ease your nausea as that helped me when i was feeling sick early on in my pregnancy. How far along are you? Hopefully this feeling will go soon


vikki24 - June 3

i take prenate elite vitamins..they work great- except for the constipation..but i suppose that goes along with every vitamin! hope this helps!


hjkim69 - June 5

I take Prenate Elite also. It doesn't seem to bother me that much. I just try to take it with food but not a dairy product. That seemed to make me feel worse. You really need to take something with a lot of folic acid. Especially during the first trimester. At least that's what my ob nurse said. Good luck!


sumgirl01 - June 6

i take a brand that i found at walmart called one source, i just take them right before bed and i have never had a problem


TopModelDiva - June 12

Take your vitamin before you go to bed so you don't have to deal with the nausea....My doc had to prescribe me Prenatal Plus because everything else made me throw up...they work great by the way.



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