Pressure In Pelvis Area After Sex At 19 Weeks

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Lisa - May 31

I had s_x last night and I am pregnant with third child, Anyway afterwards I have had trouble standing and intense pressure in my pelvic area. The best way to describe it is it feels like someone hit m with a bat between my legs but hurts from inside. I am 19 weeks pregnant and I do have the round ligament pain but this seems different. Any advice?


Sara Renkema - June 17

i am 19 weeks pregnant also, and its really weird that you say that. i get the same feeling. really bad pressure to where it feels like something big is right there trying to come out. i have had no luck getting answers but if you do, my email is [email protected] if you want to tell me what you hear!


Jbear - June 17

I've read that when you've had several pregnancies your cervix can be lower in your v____a, and more likely to be hit during s_x. I'm pregnant for the second time, and the last time I had s_x was at 26 weeks. It was really painful, sort of like you're describing. I finally had to tell my husband that banging into my cervix was the female equivalant of getting kicked in the b___s, so he'd understand why I didn't want s_x anymore.


nelly - June 19

This is my second pregnancy and I do the same exact thing and it hurts like that every time and lasts for awhile before it will stop I am sure its pretty normal. Seeing how I did not feel it with my first its probably just a change in my body and they say the more pregnancies you have the harder they get and that is definetly true for me.


Sara Renkema - June 19

Yea, when i said i get a really bad pressure feeling too, it continues to feel that way hours afterwards. ive also noticed it when i have been standing for a long time. this is my 3rd child also so im sure its just my body changing. i never felt it with my first, but i did with my second. and now againw ith the 3rd. hopefully it will go away eventually.



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