Problems With Constipation

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Cinderz - February 16

Hi everyone, I'm 14 weeks now and have suffered from constipation for the last 3 weeks. I have tried everything that has been recommended including a high fibre diet and taking lactulose solution, and still no real progress. I have now been prescribed Movicol and I'm a little concerned about taking it as its only prescribed if deemed essential. This is my first pregnancy and I wouldnt want to harm my baby in any way. Has anyone else had this problem or has taken Movicol before?


Frances - February 17

I have suffered problems with constipation with 2 pregnancies. I take a fiber supplement (Metamucil tablets) before bed every day and that helps. I try to get as much water as possible too. The bottom line is this, no one has ever died from constipation. I usually just wait it out. It does eventually make it's way out. I know that's not that comforting when you're suffering through it but it usually works for me. I have taken a tylenol to help with the discomfort but for the most part it seems to do it all by itself. It just takes a while. I would most likely not take anything Rx'd because I tend to be sensitive to such things and I wouldn't want to risk a laxitive reaction. I definitely vote on the side of caution. I hope that helps!


squished - February 17

I've started taking Colace which is a stool softener and is found to be completely safe during pregnancy. I was pretty constipated myself and even though it's not a laxative it does help.


sandra-c - February 20

Hi there. I can empathise with you. I have suffered constipation since having my daughter and ended up with an a___l fissure and piles because of it. It hurts like hell. The best thing for me is eating prunes. I know you'll all be saying yuk!!! I actually quite like them, but I find they work an absolute wonder, better than any medication. ALso drinking boiled cooled water helps. Try and keep drinking fluids such as fruit juice and cereals etc. Movicol didnt work for me. It made me sick. I went into labour being constipated and the pressure I had in the back pa__sage was extremely sore. They had to give me an enema (sp) which was NOT pleasant. Good luck


vanja10 - February 21

i find that drinking lots of water (min 2 liters a day) and eating granny smith apples does the trick for me.. also, lots of milk.. I'm 38.5 weeks now and i've been constipated maybe 2 or 3 times throughout the whole pregnancy and it was when i was messing with my diet... more fruit u eat, the better, but granny smith apples.. good luck



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