Rapid Heart Rate

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Lelsey Ann - April 13

Hello everyone. Last night when I was lying in bed, I could feel my heart beating very hard and quickly. I was even out of breath a little because it was as if I was doing something physical but I was just lying there. I am only 12 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else had this?


HSB - April 13

I have been experiencing the same thing without the shortness of breath. It makes me feel very uneasy and weird. I would love to know if this is normal or not. It only happens in the evening when I am lying down. Keep me posted if you hear anything.


MICHELLE - April 13



annie - April 15

I seem to have a very rapid heartbeat alot of the time too, I'm 23 weeks. I've been told its the body working harder and getting more blood to the baby


Liz - April 21

What a relief to hear that other people have had this before too! It just started for me in the past 12 hours and it was freaking me out. I called my midwife an hour or two ago but have not heard back from her yet. So glad I did a search and found your answers. Still going to talk to her but now I feel so much less anxious.


Anita - May 10

I can definitely relate. I am 17 weeks and last night I was sitting on the couch and I felt weird. I told my husband that I was going to take my blood pressure. I monitor my blood pressure because I take blood pressure medicine. It turns out that my blood pressure was really low but my pulse was way too high. My pulse was 105. I decided at that point to lay myself down and rest my body. It took a little while but it finally went down. I just a__sumed that since my body is producing more blood volume so maybe this was the reason. I just turned 42 and am pregnant (for the first time) with twins.


Christee - May 12

Ok, I feel a bit better now. I am 29weeks and have the rapid heartbeat for the last week. I too automatically checked my BP, and it was Ok. Dr. told me the same thing, dont worry unless its a__sociated with chest pain, hard breathing, uncontrollable sweats, etc.


Tara - May 19

I get it in the morning hours, almost as if my body need to kick it up a bit to get going. I am 17 weeks now and also get heart palpitations, does anyone else suffer from these? Kinda scary but my doctor says its really normal especially because its my second child.


magnely - May 21

Hi, I understand, I,m 20 weeks pregnant. I been with this symptoms seens I was about 10 weeks. I been admited to the hospital twice, faint ones at work. I'm seeing a specialist but no answer yet.


Kate - June 3

I've been getting this too - at first they were easy to stop by lying on my left side and breathing deeply. The other day in work I had it for about 5 minutes though and had to go outside in the fresh air to get rid of it. Just had it again so came online - glad to see other people have experienced it too. I am 36 wks with my 2nd baby - seeing my m/w on monday so I will mention it to her. It makes me feel very dizzy like I would faint if I didn't get to lie down. It is really scary. I expect they will say it is just hormones - I got palpitations with my first pregnancy but nothing like this!


Courtney - June 13

I have been experiencing the same fast heart beats , hard time breathing,dizziness.If I get up fast it will start andat night just laying it will start. If really do scare me at time. This is my first baby and i want to know if it will effect my baby. I am 32 weeks. Called My Doctor but no reply yet. I'm so glad I found this site this morning .God Blessed you all. and "CONGRATULATION"


Staci - June 13

I have it too, and its very uncomfortable. I have heard its from the increased blood and fluids in your body, and your heart has to work harder. it really is uncomfortable, I can relate. It feels like you ran a marathon, right? two nights ago I got winded just shaving my legs! that wasnt fun...


P.s. to Tara - June 13

I have been getting palpitations too. I have had them on and off my whole life, but it has been somewhat noticable lately. the pregnancy books I have say its common during pregnancy to have a fast pulse, palpitations, etc. but still, they worry me too. either way, I am with you and have the same thing. -Staci


Jessica F. - June 14

I am an old pro when it comes to rapid heart rates. I have a medical condition that i've had for 7 years now and this is one of the symptoms. What i have is rare and they say pregnancy usually makes the symptoms better. but yes I've experienced this while pregnant too. It helps to lie down or rest in a comfy position. If you are wearing any tight clothing I wouldn't suggest doing this anymore. Also you should probably talk to your dr about it. They like to monitor this type of thing but usually it isn't anything to worry about. Good luck


Rue - June 15

Anyone get this racing heart after eating? I typically have been getting it after eating- especially in the morning. Today I had a cup of tea and a raspberry muffin. I sat down, heart started racing. My pulse measured 120 bpm. Should I be concerned?


Christine - June 15

i am only 5-6 weeks pregnant, with either twins or triplets,,,,,i find out next week, but the past 3 days I have been feeling almost like I was working out, fast heart beat, breathlessness, almost like an anxiety and tightening in my chest. I was nervous, called the doctor today, and she told me all that you have said, plus, that maybe allergies, or ashma could be being triggered. Good luck to all of you, and Thanks for being here!!!


Staci - June 16

Rue- yes, I also get it much more often after eating. I get wheezing sometimes too, and winded very easily.



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