Rapid Heart Rate

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sandramarie - July 21

yes and i am almost 12 weeks and the funny thing is my heart skips a beat every 3 or 4 heart beats so im a little worried. It happens to me when i wake up in the morning too.


T.O - August 16

Could this be related to the s_x of the child we are having? My sister has had three girls, as did my mother, and this never happened to them. I am at 23 weeks with a boy and have palpitations every now and then. Anyone here having a girl?


paula h - September 2

I've had this problem, too, and it makes me feel really uneasy and awful. I wanted to mention two things that have actually worked for me. First, taking a long, slow walk with my dogs has really helped, and my heart rate doesn't get that much higher when I'm walking (it's 90-110 when I'm sitting still and sleeping). I feel better while I'm walking and afterwards, I've noticed. This feels a little counterintuitive, since I've been walking all along but cut back when I started to get stressed out about my heart rate. Instead of doing nothing, though, I'm finding that I actually feel much more relaxed and my heart races less if I walk MORE often. Anyone whose pulse goes through the roof when they walk probably shouldn't try, but if your heart rate only goes up a little, I would recommend it. The other thing to try is eating less carbs. I feel terrible after I eat, and my doctor told me that it takes a lot of effort for the body to digest carbs, and I should try eating just protein and vegetables. Tonight I had a steak salad and I feel great, none of the usual heart-racing and dizzy feelings I've been having after meals. I do have occasional palpitations and will be seeing a cardiologist just in case, but I wanted to mention those two things, plus it sounds like staying hydrated and taking a small iron supplement might both help. Just want to add that I know how incredibly awful the pounding heart thing can make you feel -- so queasy and anxious and bad -- but it really does sound like it's extremely common and not necessarily something to get really stressed out about, as I'm sure most of us have! Best wishes to everyone.


Kara - September 13

I have three sons and never had this with any of them. I'm pregnant with a girl this time and now I'm having this problem - rapid heartbeat, pounding so hard it feels like it's moving my whole body, and heart palpatations - definitely makes falling asleep at night very hard!) So, this definitely isn't related to just girls or just boys, but maybe some moms bodies react to each gender differently. Anyway, I'm just glad to know I'm not alone and that this appears to be somewhat "normal." Thanks for sharing everyone!


Maymay - September 15

I am one of that kind too with 25 week. My HR increases slowly from beginning of pregnancy and now it reachs about 100. I just saw my OB few days back and he was concern about it. He explained, if the heart pumps so fast, the pressure in the heart will be low and blood may not flow well to the baby. It really makes me worried. I had to go for EKG and few blood tests, and I will see him in a week again. Let u know all if he has any more to say about it. I probably have to agree with Paula. There is no change of HR even when I go for a walk . But my doctor suggested me take lots of rest which never helped me at all. I was so worried for this but it seems to be normal during pregnancy. thanks to everyone for sharing and good luck!


roxannestiver - October 22

i am 19 yrs old. i have always noticed palpations(one or two beats i can feel in my chest) since i could remember.i was most likely lying down or relaxing.i got pregnant last august and noticed them more frequently,i miscarried at about 4 weeks.and after that i noticed a lot of anxiety,i've always been an anxious person but this made it worse.i was fearing everything to be wrong with me.i notice the palpations more often now,maybe its my hormones i just finally started my period after the misscarge,maybe its my anxiety,maybe its a vitimin deficiency i dont know.some please help me relax.i have a doc appointment to get checked ot and i'm scared that i have something wrong with a valve or something...i'm so pathetic i need to calm down.. me e-mail:[email protected]


sniggies0127 - October 25

I started with the palpitations at 9 weeks (currently 27 weeks). I ended up going to a cardiologist and had a 24-hour holter monitor. Those results came back abnormal and an echo was done. This came back fine but while I was getting the echo (and for two weeks prior) my heart rate was 170-200. They put me in the hospital and I was put on flecanide. This has helped and I have not had any other episodes since then.


lydlyd143 - November 15

i am so relieved, after seeing and reading all of your posts, thank you all for sharing.... i think im somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks pregnant (maybe more) my first dr appt isnt untill next week, but i actually went to my doctor becasue of my high heart rate and then found out i was pregnant, i had blood and urine done yesterday, but no results yet.... i also feel it the most when i am laying down, i can feel my pulse throughout my whole body and in my head, its so loud in my ears. and now that im so freaked out about it, i think im making it worse by worrying and checking my pulse so much.... thank you all and good luck and congrats to you all!


mm's - December 19

It was a relief to see all these postings, too. Thank you. I went through IVF and at age 37 am pregnant with my first baby. Originally pregnant with twins, but lost one at 7 weeks. I am now 18 weeks. Shortness of breath started even before I was pregnant with all the hormone shots for fertility, and rapid heart rate from time to time during the first tri. Last night I got it again-it kept me up and drove me crazy! Not to mention I was worried about the baby.I got up and drank some hot milk and eventually got back to sleep. Heart was healthy before pregnancy and blood pressure was fine at doc last week. Hopefully it's just normal but if it continues to bother me, definately going to tell doc.


B Methven - December 29

Hi, I'm almost 27 weeks pregnant, and experiencing the pounding heart feelings. It's nice to hear that there are so many other pregnant gals who are experienceing the same thing that I am. I've gone through the lab tests, echocardiogram, EKG's, all of it, and nothing. The doctors can't seem to find any reason for this pounding heart feeling. My pulse is never too terribly high. Usually 90 to 120 or so, but I feel that my heart is going to beat out of my chest. It was so comforting to find this forum and hear that I'm not alone. I was very pleased to talk to a certain nurse pract_tioner, who had the same problem, and she told me to exercise when it happened. AND IT REALLY WORKS! I now I have to get on my treadmill sometimes two or three times a day, but after 25 minutes or so of brisk walking, the pounding feeling goes away, and then I can often go right to sleep. It's no fun to have to get on the treadmill at 1:00 am, if my heart has just started suddenly pounding, but it sure does beat the panic feeling and tossing and turning, trying to sleep through it. It almost always seems to happen at night, but occationally, if I've had a down day, not too much activity, then it'll happen. Maybe it's just my body's way of trying to get me to get more exercise while I'm pregnant. Anyway, hope that the exercise idea is a good tip for some of you gals. If you really have a heart problem, then you'd better talk to your doctor, but my cardiologist told me, that anything that does away with exercise is nothing to worry about, and my heart pounding is never made work with exercise. Has anyone else found that this helps?


jenniferh - January 3

yes this is normal, i read online that its your blood amount increasing in your body which is normal in the 1st and 2nd trimester. you dont have to be moving for your heart to increase, it felt scary to me but once i relaxed and breathed i eventually fell asleep. stay away from too much heat and too much sugar that doesnt help.


wendysmum - January 29

Hi All so glad i found this site i felt like i was cracking up! i am now 23 weeks pregnant and have been suffering the last few weeks with a faster h/b than usuall my resting h/r before pregnancy was 80ish and now it is usually 92 resting but this can go up when i move and night times r a nighmare seem to go to sleep with a racing heart and wake up the same but worse first thing in the morning .Have been for scan today and found we r expecting a boy !! we r so happy , we already have a girl of 8 , and she is so happy , as isuffer with panic attacks and anxiety the doctors have put me back on ciprmil 10mg when i was 5 and half months i stopped them when i found out i was pregnant but have suffered with withdrawls . anyway hopefully will cope with this and try to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy , good luck to u all and thanks so very much for sharing ur experience !!lorraine


imamommy - January 31

I am 9 weeks and I notice this also. It always happens to me in the shower. This was actually one of my first symptoms. Maybe it is normal.


wendysmum - February 1

Hi yes it seems more common than i thought , i called doctor out today because my midwife was worried and he said my bp was slightly up but my pulse was over a 100 so he has put me on propra___lol 10mg a(beta blocker).Just hope it pa__ses as can be really scarey . hope u feel better soon . best wishes lorraine


kate18 - February 12

hya. well. im now 20 weeks pregnant and im always having heart pupitations, its very annoying and sometimes quite scary. but ive been told that its quite normal for pregnant women to get this.ive been getting heart pulpitations since i was about 12 weeks pregnant. should i be worried? kate x


wendysmum - February 12

Hi Kate , is always best to check with doctor , but they do say is normal , i was but on a beta blocker which made me worse and i ended up in hospital , i had a heartrate of 126 which scared me silly but the nurse said my ecg was normal and regularthe ext day thay did another one and my heartrate was 95 . had blood tests and all was fine , they think in anxiety and said not to take my pulse and try and relax , that was a week ago i have calmed down a lot , still get it at night and early morning but as i am 26 weeks think maybe is because am sleeping on my back , anyway having the tests put my mind at ease a litte . Hope this helps a little take care lorraine



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