Rapid Heart Rate

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wendysmum - February 12

Hi Kate , is always best to check with doctor , but they do say is normal , i was but on a beta blocker which made me worse and i ended up in hospital , i had a heartrate of 126 which scared me silly but the nurse said my ecg was normal and regularthe ext day thay did another one and my heartrate was 95 . had blood tests and all was fine , they think in anxiety and said not to take my pulse and try and relax , that was a week ago i have calmed down a lot , still get it at night and early morning but as i am 26 weeks think maybe is because am sleeping on my back , anyway having the tests put my mind at ease a litte . Hope this helps a little take care lorraine


twinsontheway - February 21

Yes, I have had this, it scared m to death. The Dr. had to actually put me on a beta-blocker to slow down my heart rate. It was up to 120 per minute. I am pregnant with twins, "first pregnancy" and I was very concerned. Count your pulse, if you know how, count the beats for 30 seconds then times is by 2 and that is your heart rate. If it is 105 or more, call your gyn, and let them know what is going on. They have very safe beta blockers to take for this and the good thing is that later in your pragnancy, your chance of developing high blood pressure is cut more than half. You might still hear your heart beat in your ears, which I still do, bu the pulse and heart sounds in the ears are due to the increased blood volume our bodies have now. We have 40-50% more blood voolume now. Keep and eye on it and please let me know how it goes. I am 5 months now and have been on the meds for 2 months and feel sooooo much better. Take Care. Wendi


lorraine - February 21

hi Wendi , am glad u r feeling better now , is soo scarey , i am 26 weeks and feel a lot better , still have the heartbeat in my ear but have bought some ear plugs which r bliss!!! haha good luck with ur twins , we r having a boy and am soo excited now anxiety is easing a little xxxlorraine


LindseyM - April 2

hi everyone, i'm 13 weeks pregnant and too noticed that my heart rate was increased. i just phoned the doctor last week and she saw me the next morning where i had various blood tests done to test for hyperthyroidism, etc. and an ECG. ECG was pretty normal and i wont receive my blood results till later this week. my GP spoke about refferring me up to cardiology for a 24hr tape to be done. i expect after a___lysing this they will put me on a beta-blocker, good to hear for various posts on here that these make you feel better! thanks for all the info guys, thought i was the only one!! Lindsey, Aberdeen, UK


naima - April 18

wow i was just pa__sing along check out different post and i have been having the same thing but im not sire if i could be pregnant. i have most of the sign and w/ my last child the tender b___st was the give away and after almost 5 years they are just as sore as the day i found out that i was pregnant.


pammy2007 - May 11

hi all i have this problem 2, im 27 weeks preg, n i have been told it can go away after the birth, has this happen to any of the above people, did it go away after the birth thanks love pamela xoxoxxo


wendysmum - May 11

Hi Pammy , well i am now 38 weeks and feel soo much better , it is normal due to increased bloodsupply for your resting heartrate to incrase by 10-15 bpm.mine is now around 85-95 bpm . I am having a section in 11 days , so will let ya know how it settles after i have him xx take care i know it can be very scarey xx Lorraine


roxannestiver - May 11

Woman worry waaaaaay too much. and pregnancy will make you worry even more.when you have all this worry your heart rate will increase do to your anxieties.not only that but pregnancy increases your blood amount and makes your heart work harder.with that comes an increase in heartrate about 15 bpm more than your usual.I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and i have a heart rate of about 90-110 and thats nothing to worry about if your original heartrate before pregnant was around 80 bpm.and if you get nervous your heart rate increase A LOT.i always get nervous before i go to the doc and my heartrate there was 148! so they were concerned and did an ekg,monitored my heart,and took blood and a urine test and everything was fine.so if any of you ladys have a nervous problem work on calming yourself down.heart palpitations can happen also in a healthy heart but if you are really worried i would go to your doc about it.i did and everything is fine.another way to help yourself is to lay on your left side and drink plenty of water and amke sure you get potasium(found in bananas,orange juice) i hope this info helps everyone out!


tarheelfan71 - June 28

I have had this problem before pregnancy and still some while I've been pregnant. Usually I just rest and try to keep my mind off of it. Before the doc had me to hold my breath and push down like I was having a bowel movement for 10 sec. Most of the time that works.


ayda - July 12

Thanks God i found this website. I'm 5weeks n this thing has been happening to me since 3days ago. FEEL SO SCARED!! i'm indonesian n married to Thai guy, so can say that i'm all alone with my 1st pregnancy then this thing happened n it really scared me.. my heart beat so hard.. is it because of the supplement i take? is it normal?? i feel much much better now to know that i'm not the only one.. any updates please let me know.. thanks.. God bless you all..


wendysmum - July 12

Hello Ayda Congratulations Our little boy is now 7 weeks old , and my heartrate has returned to normal , i was so scared when i was pregnant as my heart would be thumping , but is due to hormone changes and increase blood supply , so try not to worry xx if u get too worried always ask ur doctor good luck love lorraine x


ayda - July 12

ooohh.. thanks lorraine :) so it will gone by itself? hmm.. means i no need to worry so much already.. tell u the truth, i have problems to communicate with my dr, she cant speak english so its my husband job to become the transletter hahaha but it feel different, i think it will be more easy for me if i can talk to the dr directly bout how i feel cos sometimes it just difficult to explain it in words n u know guys so difficult to understand especially bout the pregnancy.. in here the dr just check from my urine only, they never check whether the egg is good or not, the procedure is so much different from indo's one.. maybe i'm just too worry hehehe


shp44 - July 13

I am having this too - started suddenly last sunday and it is VERY upsetting! I keep trying to rea__sure myself that I'm fine- I saw a cardiologist 2 days ago, and he is quite certain that it's just pregnancy, but is having me get an echo next week, JUST to be sure - i am 37 weeks - ugh! I did just eat and it is worse - I hate this but am SO glad I'm not the only one!


Greeklady28 - July 14

Oh wow. The same thing has been happening to me. I'm happy to know it's not just me. I posted this question on another pregnancy forum, and many women responded stating they had the same issue and it turned out to be a panic attack. Next time this happens to you ladies, take some deep breathes and try to relax. All will be well : )


aelsey - November 14

I am almost 8 weeks pregnant with my third baby, started experiencing these heart thumps a couple of days ago, so bad that I cannot sleep at night. Gone to my GP and had some test done, blood, urine and a EKG, still waiting for result, after doing hours of research see it can be a number of reasons, low mag/iron or hyperactive thyriod. Today have concentrated on improving my diet, added extra iron to my diet - cheerio's and banana with a huge gla__s juice rich in iron, for the first time in a couple of days my thumps have gone away. Feel so much better and relaxed. Cannot imagine another 32 weeks of this. I really would like to enjoy my last pregnancy. Good luck to you all and maybe this little tip will help some of you. I know how uncomfortable and upsetting this can be especially when you are pregnant. Take care.


Stormlady - February 22

I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. This morning, while eating breakfast, my heart rate went way up! Pounding! I felt really hot and had some shortness of breath. Drs. office said this happens to some women during pregnancy, and, if it starts to bother me, to come in. They didn't seem super concerned. I do think I want to have the tests run that everyone else has mentioned. When you get palpatations, does it feel like b___terflies or flutters in your chest? I get that feeling sometimes, don't know if that is palpatations or not. Thank you!!!



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