Rapid Heart Rate

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Stormlady - February 22

I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. This morning, while eating breakfast, my heart rate went way up! Pounding! I felt really hot and had some shortness of breath. Drs. office said this happens to some women during pregnancy, and, if it starts to bother me, to come in. They didn't seem super concerned. I do think I want to have the tests run that everyone else has mentioned. When you get palpatations, does it feel like b___terflies or flutters in your chest? I get that feeling sometimes, don't know if that is palpatations or not. Thank you!!!


sarahds2005 - March 4

I am just now 20 weeks. I have been having problems like yours throughout my pregnancy. I have been in the er twice, seen by my ob and none of them find anything and say i am fine- they do say i have irregular heart beats on my ekg but they say I have had those since 2006 when I had my appendix out and they don't know what causes it. They don't act like it's any big deal so I try to stay calm and eat healthy. It seems to help.


TJLebrija - March 10

I get this all the time! I was wondering myself why it happens.......


Martha11 - April 18

I had palpitations since I was 13 weeks pregnant and they FINALLY found out that it was hyperthyroidism which sometimes happens due to the homonal changes during pregnancy according to the endocrinologist. I was placed on Metoprolol which is a beta blocker and safe during pregnancy however I am now 23 weeks pregnant and my thyroid levels were normal three weeks ago and and I have been weaning off the medicine. But now I am starting to have them again. Does anyone out there know if it all goes back to normal after the pregnancy.


Stigglet - May 3

I have it too and my Dr. says it is quite common during pregnancy and as long as you don't have chest pain, not to worry!


Mely12 - May 8

It''s called Anxiety. I used to have it, sometimes it comes without any stimulations. As long as your blood pressure is fine you're fine. It's all about trying to keep calm and relaxing.


amanda17 - May 8

Well I didn't actually bother to read everyone's responses because, frankly I'm lazy and don't feel like it lol. But rapid heart rate during pregnancy, especially while at rest, is perfectly normal. It's not anxiety. It happens to most women. It's a good thing actually, I believe it has to do with the access of blood in your body.


ChristineP - June 4

I am 10 weeks, was admitted to er last week, went to Cardio today.. I have shortness of breath, increased heart rate, dizziness, etc.. Theh gavce me a monitor and next week i have an Echocardiogram.. I am hoping its all normal, its so scary!


IRINA L. - July 21

Hi everyone! I've been going through the same thing I'm 30 weeks pregnant and it started at 25 weeks. I've been having rapid heart rate up to 130 and even more at times, chest pains and sometimes my left arm would get really tight/numb i would get short of breath ive been to the ER 5 times and to many doc apps. and had an EKG done like about 9 times had an ultrasound of my heart many blood tests as well as urine a cat scan of my lungs for blood clots and everything came back fine my blood pressure is 110 over 60 and thats good all those test and nothing so my doc told me that its fine in pregnancy because my heart has to work much harder. It's still very scary to go through and the most uncomftrable thing ever. I'm glad i found this website and that im not alone with this good luck to everyne and God Bless!


Martha11 - July 21

Hi ladies - Although this does seem very normal, there are conditions that can cause these symptoms. For me it was Hyperthyroidism and it took the doctors 5 hospital visits to figure it out. I suggest that you have them run a thyroid test on you so that you can ensure that this is NOT what you have. If it is they can treat the symptoms which does make you feel better. GOOD LUCK!


mom3of6 - August 18

I have had this same problem for many years, although I can't remember when it first happened. I am not pregnant and my youngest is almost 10, but I have wondered why this happens. I have noticed that it mostly seems to happen when I am lying on my right side. It is very scary. I have asked my cardiologist about it several times, but he just shrugs it off and has no answers or advice. I allegedly don't have thyroid problems, so I don't know what to think. Anymore ideas would be welcome.


anglestar - August 19

Replying to mom3of6 , i have had a fast heart rate in the past it lasted for about 5 years, this may sound hard but try and forget about it do things to take your mind off it as it can seem worse when your thinking about it, i would say it's stress related, find ways to relax it worked for me, i am getting it again but i found out i was pregnent with my 3rd child so im putting it down to more stress. oh have you ever been for a ECG if not ask your doc for an appiontment this can help as its piece of mind that all is ok. good luck and most important relax, at least ya know yr heart is still beating a friend once tols me, better to fast than slow ;). hope i have helped.


fatandproud - August 25

Dont lye on your back it cuts off circulation to your body.Your uterus lays on major vains and arteris and its hard for your baby to breath espesually when it cuts your breathe off as well.well thats what i came up with because i find it hard to breathe alot of the time i am 18 weeks now and sometimes its like i cant even breathe and even when im not lying down .I dont even ly on my back but thats the answers i keep getting..I have been feeling dizzy and like im going to faint i have to ly down so i dont fall its so scary.My fiance works at a medical center and his co worker fainted and she was 5 months along and they told her it happends when you rushor move quickly or get up quick or constant movement and is due to hormones.Please dont stress though stress does nothing good for anything or anyone...Just breathe and relax everything will be alright


Steph289 - October 20

A friend of mine is pregnant about 6 months. She and the babys heart rate is very high. Her doctor said that if the babys doesnt go down that it could be stillborn, because the heart rate will increase even more when going into labor. Has anyone else been told this? I want to know if this doc really knows what hes talking about.


Steph289 - October 20

A friend of mine is about 6 months pregnant. She had been told that her and the babys heart rate is abnormally high early on. He told her that if the babys heart rate doesnt go down that it could be still born, because the heart rate will increase due to labor. Has anyone else been told this? I want to know if this doc really knows what he's talking about.


tvdwmom - November 25

I am 5 1/2 weeks pg and am experiencing the same rapid heart rates, especially after eating. I also get numbness/tingling (pins + needles) in my feet and hands whenever my heart rate goes up. I told my midwife, and she didn't sound too concerned. I usually have GREAT blood pressure, but yesterday at my initial pregnancy exam, it was 139/82, and my pulse was 110! I am worried. My BHcG levels are also a little high (are more than doubling every 2 days) and was on clomid. This is my 3rd (and last) pregnancy, and I will be 37 in December. I go for my 1st ultrasound Thursday next week. These symptoms are definitely not enjoyable and hope they go away soon. I welcome any comments. God Bless!



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