Rapid Heart Rate

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Staci - June 16

Rue- yes, I also get it much more often after eating. I get wheezing sometimes too, and winded very easily.


CSB - June 17

I am 33 weeks and I have been experiencing the same thing I went to a heart Dr. and he too said that it is something pregnant women go through and not to worry unless it contuine after your labor but here is some methods he gave me to stop them when they do occur merge your face into ice cold water if near, keep cold rag with you at all times, and take in a slow half breath and bare down as if you are in labor I hope that this can help you and you have a great pregnancy


J.Cross - June 20

You may need to be tested for hyperthyroidism. It causes rapid heart beating and left untreated leads to Grave's Disease. I know, I have it.


Jen - June 21

I'm so glad to have found all of your responses. I'm 19 weeks and can actually hear my heart beating to the point I can't rest at night. I also feel my pulse throbbing throughout my whole body when I'm lying on my left side. Anyone else have this going on?


Lauren - June 22

I am so glad to hear this is common. I have been hearing my heartbeat in my ears really loud when I try to sleep and can see some arteries pulsing on my skin. It scares me sometimes and I get dizzy/lightheaded and feel like I'm having a hot flash or something. I am 29 weeks and told my doctor last month at my visit he said it was fine but it has gotten worse since then with my vision getting little silver sparkles in the peripherals. I dunno if I should panic but I figure I'll pa__s out or something if I really need to go to emergency room and even though I have had tightness in my chest I think all of it is really a greater effect of stress on the pregnant body since it's usually when I try to go to bed worryed or at work when I get anxious. Thanks for sharing everybody takes weight off my chest hehe=)


Kathleen - June 27

I never knew how many women would have the same fast heart racing like me when I lie down at night. I haven't really mentioned it to my doctor yet, but the other day at my appointment, he sent me to the hospital for some labwork. Apparently I have hypertension in my pregnancy, which basically just means that I have high blood pressure. I am guessing that this is the reason why my heart beats so fast, and I get warm at night, and it's hard to breath when I lie down sometimes. I am supposed to go back today for results, so I guess I will let him know about it today.


Abby - July 6

Thank you. I'm not the only one. This is my second pregnancy (at 23 weeks) and I have had the feeling that my heart is racing for several weeks now. It is not limited to when I lay down. It is preventing me from sleeping at night and my OB has prescribed Ambian (sp) which helps me get to sleep. I did not have these symptoms with my first child. My OB also indicated that it might be from increased blood flow but advised me to see my family pract_tioner. I have not yet done so. I'm glad to have found your responses.


Rachael - July 9

It is comforting to know that I am not the only one, not that I want anyone to suffer. I have always had irregular heartbeats, and am 35 weeks pregnant, but just in the last 6-8 weeks, i have had the rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, especially while at work or while lying down. It is a scary feeling since it is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of tightness or weakness in both arms and shoulders. My blood pressure is never high and I recently had my doctor look into it. I had an ekg done, which was fine, wore a holter monitor for 24 hours that turned out fine, and bloodwork that turned out fine, so I have accepted it as one more of those little things I have to get through to be able to have my son in a few weeks. Not a moment too soon!


Jaslyn - July 12

I am not alone. I am 9 weeks pregnant, I checked my pulse this morning and it was 116. My blood pressure appears normal 118/81. I also feel my heart pounding and both my parents have high blood pressure. I will check with my doc, just to be on the safe side.


Christine - July 12

I actually spoke with my doctor about it again, and as well i looked it up in a book on pregnancy, and it said because there is so much additional blood in your system to compensate for the baby, to protest the baby, that it causes your heartbeat to sometimes quicken. Nothing to worry about! Just like pregnancy slows down your digestive system, it speeds up your blood flow! Good luck!!!


sarah - July 15

i am so glad that i found others who have the same trouble! i was starting to get really concerned. i get shaky and weak in the evening, almost faint, then whenever i try to sleep at night, the shakes get worse and i can feel my heart thudding and i get hot flashes and it feels like i took too much sudafed, almost like my body is buzzing. i got some tests done at the doc and it's not realted to high thyroid or blood sugar for me. he thinks maybe my mitral valve prolapse is getting aggrevated. what scares me is that it seems like this could last for awhile, how an i going to cope? well thanks everyone for sharing.


S. for Sarah - July 16

Sarah- I have mild Mitral valve prolapse also.. how do you think it will effect the delivery?


Tricia - July 25

I too have been experiencing rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations. I notice the rapid heartbeat alot after I eat, which is really weird. I am so glad to hear I'm not alone. This is my third pregnancy and I am 21 weeks.


Allison - July 26

Yes, I am having those problems right now, in fact. I have been told that it may mean you need to drink more water and lie down. However, it is not helpful to do this late at night. You end up virtually sleeping in the bathroom! But, does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done to help this late at night?


Hazel - July 29

A big thank you to everyone on this site. I've been in tears with worry over my increased heart rate (I'm 12 weeks pregnant) and now I feel SO much better knowing it's nothing serious!. xx


annon. - August 1

I am so glad to read this information and to see that i'm not alone. I went to my family doctor with high heart rate, palpitations, and pain in my chest. he put me on a 24 hour monitor and during the day my heartrate was high between 100-150. He's now sending me to a cardiologist. I am 8 weeks pregnant and i have been so scared. i have also been dizzy. Just sitting still or lying down my heart will be pounding. I'm so glad i'm not the only one with this and i hope its nothing. I will keep you posted.



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