Rapid Heart Rate

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annon. - August 1

I am so glad to read this information and to see that i'm not alone. I went to my family doctor with high heart rate, palpitations, and pain in my chest. he put me on a 24 hour monitor and during the day my heartrate was high between 100-150. He's now sending me to a cardiologist. I am 8 weeks pregnant and i have been so scared. i have also been dizzy. Just sitting still or lying down my heart will be pounding. I'm so glad i'm not the only one with this and i hope its nothing. I will keep you posted.


annon. - August 3

What has your all's heart rate been? Is it over 100 or higher. I have been really worried over this checking my heartrate every hour and all during the day its over 100 even sitting still. Just wondering if anyone else is checking theirs and what it is? thanks.


angie - August 7

I also have the heart pounding and feeling of dizziness. I have been told this was normal, just the body working harder, but it still makes me uneasy. I am, however, glad to know that it isn't in my head and others are going through this too. All of you take care!


Kristin - August 8

I found out I was pregnant back in early May, when I went to the emergency room with a heart rate over 120 bpm- I felt like my heart was leaping out of my chest. Since then, I've felt the occasional flutter, but until today, hadn't felt that real rapid heartbeat since the first time. Today I am 122 max bpm since waking, and my bp is averaging 130/80, probably because I'm so worked up about this- it's all I can think about all day long! I wore a holter monitor which showed sinus tachycardia with no malignant arrhythmias. Am having an echocardiogram in two weeks. This is the weirdest health problem I've experienced, and one I hope goes away when baby is born (I'm 21 weeks now)!


Cherie - August 10

I am only 3 weeks pregnant, and have been experiencing this for a week already! It is worst when sleeping and waking. My pulse was around 75 before pregnancy, and averages about 95 now. It sometimes wakes me in the middle of the night with chest tightness, some shortness of breath, pounding pulse and my body almost feels as though it's vibrating. My pulse has gone as high as 160 after walking up 2 flights of stairs, and as high as 130 upon waking. Blood pressure has also been raised (I'm normally 90-100/70 or so) to 130+ over 80. I've been through CBC and pituitary function blood tests (all perfect), and an echocardiogram. I haven't yet received the echo results yet, but my doctors think it's most likely all hormone related and will subside after giving birth. Good luck to everyone.


Lizla - August 12

Well, I'm about 37 weeks pregnant and during the past 4 weeks have been dealing with a rapid heart rate. At rest, my heart rate has shot up to 240 on 2 different occasions and have had to contact 911 in order to get help since it wouldn't stop. I've been sent to a cardiologist, have had EKGs done as well as a resting echogram. There was nothing the cardiologist could find. Now I have to wear a heart monitor for the next 30 days to see if it happens again. It is still very scary because no one seems to know what causes this to happen. My ob/gyn can't provide any answers either. I'm delivering in 2 weeks so hopefully, it will go away then.


SW - August 12

i am 30 weeks pregnant and had rapid heart rate and was breathless. after a blood test midwife said i am anemic and those are both symptoms of anemia.


Tara - August 13

So relieved to know others are having this same thing. I have had some increased heart rate and palpitations prior to pregnancy, now 23 weeks Pregnant and having rapid heart rate especially when lying down at night, but during the day and after eating as well.. Usually around 105-110, but has gotten to 116BPM. It is so scary. Has anyone ever taken Toprol or anything for this and can it hurt the baby? Dr. mentioned if it gets real high may need to take meds, But DON"T want to.. Thanks and God Bless everyone!


teigan - August 15

hello all, i am going through the same thing, im only 6 weeks pregnant and on progestorone, asprin and heparin, oh and antibiotics for a frigin bladder infection, i noticed a few days ago when i stand up my heart rate goes from 74 (resting) to 116 but today it decided to frighten me and went to 144, i c___ped myself and rang my specialist, he said it should not be doing this and i need to see a doc tommorow, im gonna see if all these tablets and stuff are necessary, and hopefully get an ecg, basically to put my own mind at rest, im a very house proud person, but lately i cant be bothered to dust wash up or anything, and the hubby has to come home from work and do it, i feel so guilty, but mine only happens when i stand up, to top it all off i cant even go out of the house as my little n has chicken pox, ive just found out 2day im immune,as i was worried coz ive not had them. fingers crossed for us all..


teigan ( again ) - August 17

well i went to the hospital yesterday and my ecg was fine perfectly normal just fast, yeah i still feel like poop, but at least my hearts healthy.. they have put me on a small beta blocker, only 10 mg so it hasnt worked, but i feel better knowing that your all going through this to, im just so so tired and im only 6 weeks, cant take much more already.... mine is only happening when i stand up though, it doesnt happen all the time, good luck ladies ........sprinkling baby dust........


WB - August 19

Hi everyone. I'm almost 19 weeks, w/ twins. Same racing heart prob. I hear it so loudly in my ear sometimes I can barely hear myself talk! I'm now wearing the heart monitor for 24 hrs, the cardiologist thinks it might be a prolapse issue, but didn't really explain how that's connected with pregnancy. Teigan--did your doc say if the beta blocker can cross the placenta? I'm not even really sure what it is, but i've heard of people using it. I hope everyone else is doing well. I'll let you know what turns up. Best. Wendy


Ashley - August 22

I have been experiencing the rapid heart beats, shortness of breath and dizziness as well. I was getting really worried until I found this site, which put my mind at ease. Thanks for taking the time to submit your stories. Good luck!


Maggie - August 22

I am so much relieved after reading this. I am only thirteen weeks and I have been feeling my heart beat 140 when I stand up especially. I have experienced shortness of breath and dizziness. I was almost going to emergency till I found this site. Thanks


Emi-78 - August 23

Woooooooow.. i am so releived now.. I have had a fast heartrate (90-120) since my 8th week of pregnancy.. I am now in my 16th week. Heartrate rises in the evenings and especially after meals.. it got me really worried until I was told by friends that this was normal... :)


CFM - August 26

I just went to the Dr. yesterday with rapid heart beat 100-120 at rest and up to 180 when exercising. I was refered to a cardiologist who said I have untreated Asthma. I really didn't even know. The Asthma is the issue and the heart is fine, just sort of along for the ride. Perhaps this can help you too. Best of luck!


Erin - August 26

I'm 33 & 30 weeks pregnant. I can't seem to get my pulse under 100. It can elevate to 120+ just by walking from one side of the room to the other! Forget stairs! I can't go upstairs while I'm on the phone because I can't talk without sounding winded! I'm glad to see I'm not alone, it's such an uneasy feeling. I occa__sionally get palpitations, but the results from the holter monitor were "normal" so my dr. told me not to worry.



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