Rash And Itching

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SYK - January 4

I'm 13 weeks. I have a red rash all over my stomach, and my stomach and br___ts itch all the time which is becoming unbearable. Is this normal? Has anybody else encountered this? This is my first pregnancy and I'm very concerned :(


Katharine - January 7

Check with you doctor. Maybe you're allergic to something in the prenatal vitamin, or something.


Kristen - January 9

It seems a little early to me to get it but it could be PUPPS. If it is have fun. I'm 30 wks and have had it for about 4-6 weeks and am absolutley miserable. I'm finding NO cure or nothing that gives relief.


kay - January 18

my sister appears to have similar condition as yourself, have you had any luck with a remedy?


SYK - January 19

Hi Kay, It actually cleared up itself after 1 week of continuous itching and scratching!!!! I tried numerous remedies but nothing worked. I think so much is going on in your body while you're pregnant, I've just put it down to another sympton on the long list!!! But it'll all be worth it in the end :) Pls tell your sister not to worry, but if it doesn't clear up within 2 weeks to go and see her doctor.


Larizza - January 29

I am 15 weeks and having the same problems. I tried everything...nothing works. At least I know now that I am not alone in this


tatianna - February 6

I had the same thing with my son, All i was told is that it is due to your skin stretching. What ever you do donot scratch, Not sure but is suppose to cause worse stretch marks. I used baby oil and vitamin E or cocoa b___ter it seemd to help.


shaz - February 12

i have a few little spots on my abdomen that were never there before.


Kristi - February 18

Tell your doctor at your next appt. They will probably prescribe a steroid cream. I use cortisone-this really helps with the itching. I read on another chat site, that some have used calomine lotion to releive itching and plain yogurt. I don't beleive these "pregnancy rashes" go away until after you deliver, but why suffer through the itching?! Tell your doctor-it is extremely common-and they may even prescribe an antihistamine. Don't take anything, of course, until you talk to him/her.


Kat - February 18

I'm 31 weeks and my stomach has been itching like crazy for 2 weeks. I've found that calomine lotion or aloe vera can give somewhat temporary relief and that loose clothing really helps as well. I've also found that if I wear anything with synthetic fibres touching my belly that the itching gets much worse. My rash got particularly bad one night when I put vitamin E oil on it. I'm staying away from it until the end of the pregnancy. While my doctor did prescribe a cortisone cream I've decided not to go with it...I may be a overly cautious but I'd rather suffer through the last of my pregnancy without adding more chemicals to my skin...especially anywhere near the baby. My doctor did inform me however, that cream applied to the stomach area will not affect the baby...it's only if you take the medicine orally. So, if you're itching at the beginning of your pregnancy some type of cortisone may be the way to go, if your doctor recommends it.


Melissa - February 19

Itching like this can be a sign of liver problems. See your doctor!


EH - March 2

Hi there! I'am 10wks. I'm having a rash on my stomach, too. Found this interesting site about it. http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/womenshealth/facts/skinrash_pregnancy.htm


Kelly - March 14

Although I don't have a rash, I am ITCHY! all over (belly, b___bs, arms, legs, back). I have been staying hydrated and keeping my skin moisterized but nothing seems to help! No rash, so that I am happy about that at least.


~S~ - March 15

I'm 16 weeks and I'm experiencing the same thing! My legs, my belly my b___bs especially, it's painful. The other night I scratched my b___bs so much that the next morning I can see little tiny bursted blood vessels. I guess I shouldn't scratch so much and so hard, but MY GOODNESS! I can't sleep comfortably at night.


Monica - March 18

I'm 26 wks. and have developed a severe rash all over my body (except back where I can't itch:) My b___st and chest are the worse! Today went to pcp, who told me to take the over-the-counter Claritan (not Claritan D) until the rash heals. Stay away from hot showers. Use cold compresses if really itchy. It's the weekend and I'm staying away from the shower/bath all together for at least two days to let my skin have a chance to simmer and heal. Let's keep our fingers crossed. This itching is crazy and making me feel quezy! Ug - what we go through to have beautiful babies...but it's soooo worth it. Goodluck everyone...Also, aloe seems to help cool the itchiness for at least a little while.


Rebecca - March 18

I ran into this website by accident because I myself am currently experiencing SEVERE itiching to the top of my belly in the form of a rash or something. And I'm trying to find suggestions for some releif. I am 38 weeks preg. and I've tried all kinds of things. The itiching is driving me insane! for all of those that are experiencing similar discomforts, I just put an ice pack on my belly over a towel and the cold seems to help some.


Kristie - March 19

I have PUPPPS and it is terribly itchy and I have little bumps all over my legs, arms, stomach and a few on my back. This is my third pregnancy and I have only heard that it happens in first pregnancies but I guess there is exceptions to ever rule. I just got Sarna Lotion because alot of the PUPPPS sites recommended it and it actually helps some with the itching. I really hope it doesn't get much worse.



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