Rash And Itching

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Heather - May 4

I had the same condition during my pregnancy. Even my doctor said there was nothing she could do. I found an herbal remedy online that cleared it up in 7 days. Purchase the following in pill form: Flaxseed Oil, Acidophilus, Dandelion Root Take 1 each 3x/day No guarantees but I tried everything from oatmeal, cornstarch baths, cornstarch pastes to anti-itch pills and creams. My OBGYN was so impressed with the results of the herbal remedy, that she took down the pill combination and is pa__sing it on to her other patients.


Crystal - May 4

Well Im six months along and my b___st have the same ichy rash. I was told that this is normal due to hormonal changes and from skin just streching in those areas. It should go away with time but a cream may be recomended to help with the iching. I used cocoa-b___ter. . .which also helps with the strch marks. Hope that helps


Dawn - May 9

About a week ago I noticed some red dots on my belly. Now, I have them on my b___sts, back, arms & legs. I am a little itchy but nothing that keeps me up at night yet!!! I called my OB today and he told me to keep an eye on it and if it get's worse to see him. He said not to take hot showers and limit showering if possible. Also recommended Benadryl. I am 22 weeks pregnant now and hope I don;t have to deal with this for the rest of my pregnancy. BUT, it will be worth it to see our new babies right??


Beth - May 9

Two days ago my upper belly and b___sts started to itch and there were tiny red dots over it all. My doc is having me come in tomorrow morning for a blood test to check out my liver functions. For those of you who are undiagnosed, you might ask you doc to check the same thing. Good luck.


Ivrie - May 18

Under my tummy where my Csection scar is is itching like crazy and around it. Also my booies are itching like crazy, they don't just itch i'm actually breaking out in hives! I'm holding out till my Dr. appt. in 6days. It is miserable.


erica - May 23

well.. I'm 29 weeks now and my rash has gotten alot better. I still have a little here and there but not too bad. I had it for about 6 weeks real bad. My doctor ended up telling me to go to the ER to see a doctor. He gave me a 6 day pill. It helped. Even through the rash is so much better I still itch. It's not very fun!!!


RNmom - May 24

I was itching all over, especially in my third trimester. It turned out I had cholestasis of pregnancy, which can be dangerous for the baby if not treated. My doctor prescribed Actigall and induced labor at 37 weeks. Some babies are stillborn if left in an environment where they are exposed to elevated bile acid levels, so if you are experiencing severe itching get it checked out! My doctor was not familiar with cholestasis and had to refer me to a specialist. I was monitored very closely with ultrasounds every week. Everything ended up fine and my baby had no problems.


jessica - May 26

call your dr. it sounds like PUPPS to me. i read about it and they actually give you medicated stuff for the itch or they tell you to use calamine lotion. the pink stuff they use on you when you've got chicken pox. Be sure to call the dr


[email protected] - June 12

my daughter is 33 weeks & the itching is driving her crazy. It is itching so bad that, sometimes, it is painful! She's had the best luck w/ a bar of soap that I use from Motherhood. It's called "Pregnancy Belly Bar". It lasts longer than anything she's tried so far. One other lotion that has helped is "Palmer's Shea B___ter Formula" This only lasts for about 1 hour. The Belly Bar lasts about 4 hours. The soap costs around $5.00, but if you don't keep it inside the shower, so it doesn't get wet often, it will last much longer. You may also try to pure Vitamin E or Bag Balm. You can find b oth at WalMart. With the Vit E, make sure it's thick oil & not mixed w/ "sunflower oil" or any other kind of oil. I'm going to call my local health food store to see if they know of any other remedies. GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you find relief. When I was pregnant w/ my daughter (1985) I did not experience anything like this. My husband once suggested that now a days our cattle are fast fed, probably using hormones, our vegetables are fast grown w/ no telling what kind of chemicals. Why else would these children, my daughter included, grow so fast, at ages 12 & 13, have stretch marks on their b___sts, thighs & legs ?? Sincerely, Rhonda


kristina - June 18

hi i also had pupps from week 25 until i gave birth. i was the hardest thing i ever went through. there is nocure and the only thing that helped me was cold showers. good luck.


Jessica F. - June 18

Actually I don't think the rash is normal. I'd say go to your DR and have them look at it. I know that rashes and itching is a sign of a liver disease that you can get when you are preg


Jamie - June 19

Definately talk to your doctor about PUPPS. I got it in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy, but some women get it earlier (I think). The itching is UNBEARABLE!! Good luck. It is all worth it....my lil' guy is 10 weeks old and he is amazing!!


PRH - June 21

I am 30 weeks and I had the same thing at your stage of pregnancy. I took many visits to the dermatologists who gave me somethings that did not help but also said it is very normal and usually you out grow it. The only thing that is helping me (rash is virtually gone) was Aveeno Baby Lotion (Regular). Rub it in in the morning and before you go to sleep. Hope it helps.


Jessicca - June 21

This is my very first pregnancy too and it;s horrible! I'm 33 weeks pregnant I still get the rash around my belly! It's horrible! To relieve my problem I put Calimine Lotion in the refridgerator and apply it daily on my tummy, it really helps alot, it relieves the redness and itchiness. You can find it anywhere at any drug store. If you have pets wash everything weekly. Do not use new shampoos, lotions, detergent soaps, use what ever you use before you got pregnant, new products always worsen the itchy rash! TRY not to SCRATCH! You can tear your skin more and get scars! Use the calimine lotion or rub ice on your tummy! If you do scratch...don't panick rub Aloe Vera lotion, or use cut some cactus (cactus has aloe in the middle) rub it on your tummy that always helps and cures scars and stretch marks!


Nat - June 29

Hi I'm 7 weeks preg and have an itchy rash on my stomach, back and sides. What is normal??


Aneta - July 6

Hi, It's my 3rd pregnancy. With my second I got PUPPS during 7 month, now I'm only 6 weeks pregnant and it is already all over my arms and belly. I'm freaking out because it started to early. Has anybody got it that early?



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