Rash And Itching

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Aneta - July 6

Hi, It's my 3rd pregnancy. With my second I got PUPPS during 7 month, now I'm only 6 weeks pregnant and it is already all over my arms and belly. I'm freaking out because it started to early. Has anybody got it that early?


Jenni - July 7

I bet that it is PUPPP... I had that with my first son and they said that 70% of all women who are pregnant with it will deliver a boy...I think I had my rash for about 2 months and my doctor tried everything and at last he perscribed me some ointment that I had put all over my body for the rash and within days it went away.....I had the rash all over my body and if I remember correctly it started out with the stretch marks that I got and just got itchy all over after but ask your doctor to perscribe you ointment and it might work for you too...Good luck with it hope you get rid of it because I know it was a pain, never getting to sleep because your too itchy.... ;)


To Jennie - July 8

Hello Jennie, do you remember what ointment it was? I tried over the counter stuff Benadryl etc if you remember let me know, thanks


Alesha - July 10

I am 40 weeks and I just got the PUPPPs rash a week ago. It is awful. I have read to try dandelion root herb but not until after the first trimester. I have found some ease by being in swimming pools and when I itch really bad, I take a cold washcloth and rub it over my belly to cleanse it (and at the same time it soothes the itching) and then I put hydrocortizone on it.


Brooke - July 19

This rash is beginning to itch again just reading all of this!! Zinc oxide (in diaper rash ointment) seems to help ease some of the problem. 13 weeks in and a long way (it seems) to go!


Katie - July 22

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have had the Puppp rash for about the past 7 weeks. At first it was awful, I had it from my chest down to my ankles. I've doen a lot of research and tried nearly everything (with the full knowledge of my doctor), including herbal remedies, creams, hots showers, cold showers, etc. The rash has faded considerably, but the itch remains. I'm hoping the itch will go away, but in the meantime, I find some relief with BandAid anti itch spray, gold Bond lotion and hot/cold showers before bed.


Michelle - July 22

I had the same thing. The only thing that worked was an over the counter itch medicine - came in a white bottle. Ask your pharmacist. I would take a cool bath and slather it all over me at night and all day. But as stupid as this sounds, just try not to scratch or take hot bath - it makes them worse.


Alejandrina - July 25

Yes, I have just encountered this problem 5 days ago. I am 35 weeks pregnancy, and this is pain is miserable. I can't stop scratching. I have the rash on my extremeties only, not on my tummy nor face. I have tried the benadryl cream, but have had no success. I am using a lidocaine spray, and that is what helps a little. I am to go see my OB today to see what I have or when will it go away. Good luck to me and to all you women experiencing the same itchy and scratchy.


Lorraine - August 1

Aveeno Bath w/ Aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion w/ cooling menthol. It's the only thing that will get you by. I'm 33 weeks and Aveeno has been my best friend since I was 13 weeks. Try it...it's worth the money!


Charity Beattie - September 25

I am 37 weeks pregnant, I have had a rash and itchy skin on my abdomen and b___sts since 30 weeks. I was told by my doctor that this is normal, just use hydrocortisone for the rash, and cocoa b___ter for the dry skin


lynette - September 26

i have a rash also, the doc told me that i have prurigo of pregnancy. which should go away after the birth but if not i may have to get steroids.. no cream or anything will take my itch away i have tryed every cream and oil on the market. the only thing that i find helps is a cold bath. try it! i hae had my itch for 4 weeks, was due yesterday 25th. no sign of labour yet..


csl - September 30

dont worry it's very normal but just to be on the safe side go to the doctor to double check. good luck x


Allison - September 30

I too have pregnancy rash - whether it is pruigo of pregnancy or PUPPP I don't know. Have been to OB, General pract_tioner, and dermatologist. Have tried everything - from cortizone creams to benedryl to clairiton. Nothing works. Dermatologist suggest SARNA lotion (found in most drug stores OTC) - it has menthol in it which cools the skin and relieves the itch for a couple hours. The night is the worst - I wake my husband up b/c I am scratching in my sleep so much. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have had this for at least 4 weeks. I can't bear to think it will last til the end of term - I am ready to crawl out of my skin. The dermatologist started me on UVB light treatments - 30 seconds to begin with and now I'm up to 2 minutes - UVB is not as harmful as UVA -which is what tanning beds use. Anyway - the light treatments take 10-15 treatments to start working....I'm on my 4th, but I don't see any relief. Has anyone else heard of light treatments like this? The dermatologist said I could save my money and go to a tanning bed for 2 minutes at a time - 3 days a week to see if that helps, but tanning beds make me nervous. Plus, when in college, I used them a couple times and I would always emerge all itchy anyway - I think the light and heat just had adverse affects on my skin. Any advice or knowledge of someone taking these light treatments and it being effective, let me know!


Cienna Koenke - September 30

What you have may be called puppps which has to do with being allergic to the placenta consult your doctor if it is itchy then try using dndelion root herb the doctor may want to do some labs to rule out chalistasis which can danger the baby but puppps is not danger to the baby but its a miserable itchy rash another reason for your rash may be caused by the skin stretching.


meldy - October 3

yes!!!!!!! im 5 mos preg...im scratching all over my body..... well, i have to sacrifice a little gor my baby...


Ali - October 7

Im 28 weeks and i have a horrible rash on my thighs front and back its on my b___t and on my belly around my belly b___ton. ive tried oatmeal baths benadryl,calomine lotion and nothing works. what is going on its driving me crazy.its even on my hands and its worse at night than during the day. i need some tips on what to do to make this ease up or stop. its HORRIBLE. the bumps are like blisters in places. HELP ME PLEASE:(



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