Rash And Itching

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Ali - October 7

Im 28 weeks and i have a horrible rash on my thighs front and back its on my b___t and on my belly around my belly b___ton. ive tried oatmeal baths benadryl,calomine lotion and nothing works. what is going on its driving me crazy.its even on my hands and its worse at night than during the day. i need some tips on what to do to make this ease up or stop. its HORRIBLE. the bumps are like blisters in places. HELP ME PLEASE:(


Mary - October 10

I had horrible PUPPS - someone in this site (a different post) suggested Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap. I know that is seems ridiculus to think a soap can make a difference. I got PUPPS at 32 weeks, now at 37 I am PUPPS free. The soap did it, no joke.


Ali - October 11

where do i get grandpa's tar soap? im going to the doctor today and if she can't do n e thing for me i guess thats what ill have to get it's not getting any better the bumps are starting to look like blisters..ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!


deja - October 17

PUPPS there is nothing that can be done for this. I had it very bad, cold rags maybe some benedryl that is about it. there are remedies at local health food stores but it gave me the runs and i started loosing weight, yeah i didnt ich but i wanted my baby healthy so i just dealt with it. i wish i ha better news for you. good luck you can make it i id!!


Ali - October 22

well i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she put me on steroids for a week and told me i didnt have pupps she didnt know what it was but it cleared up while i was on the steroids but its back now and its worse now its on me legs BAD and my Hands and belly but she says she doesnt know what it is. its killing me im going to be so scared by the time i have this baby from scrathicing so much..NOTHING is helping AT ALL.


Mary to Ali - October 25

If you are still in anguish you can get the Grandpa Pine tar soap at a health store - it costs about 3 bucks. Take serveral showers and use the soap, do it until you notice the rash starts to dry up and it does not itch anymore. I know how horrible it must be, I have been there. I use the soap on my legs, tummy and areas that where affected everytime I shower to keep the rash from coming back. I had a bad rash for weeks, and now I am rash free. :) Good luck!


Mary - October 25

Another thing that helped me out - Tea Tree Oil (4 drops in 1 oz of water) I used a cotton ball to wet the spots and let it air dry. I know these are not traditional medicines, Ali. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The Tea tree helped with the itch only. If you are truly itching use cold presses to numb the area, cold packs work well, too. These are just a temporary relief until the soap dries the rash out. Do not scratch anymore because it makes the rash worse. be diligent about not scratching and using the above + the soap. I promise it will work on just a couple of days!


jane - October 26

ive been itching for 2 weeks now i itch so bad it bleeds i now have a sore rash on my lower bellyt under my arms and on my legs its awfuyll any one know what this could be now ive started itching on my hands


Ali - October 30

well i went to a Dermatologist and found out that i have SCABIES YUK!! How ive caught it your guess is as good as mine. He beleives i got it from my OB's office. But now that i know that it is its being treated but im still itching and might itch for up too 6 weeks. So good luck to the one's that dont know whats wrong.


tracy - October 31

I have itching and a bumpy red rash on my belly, hips, arms. My dr. told me to get an OTC lotion called SARNA. It works pretty well and is steriod free.


j - November 25

Tea tree oil and aveeno lotion workds for me. I had a terrible rasha and itching on inner side of m thighs, my arms and parts of m stomach, now it's much better, but i try to control it with the aveeno lotion every time i come out of shower, especially hotter ones.


Lu - December 5

I am 13 weeks and have noticed a rash just over my stomach. It only started after i used cocoa b___ter but is still here a few days later. I have stopped using creams for the moment to see if it clears up. I am also concerned as no one i know has had this problem in prenancy. Are there any good creams that are recommened to help reduce stretch marks that won't cause me irritation?


steph.reihl - December 15

I am having all over itching. I thought that it may be an alleric reaction to something the dr. made it sound like it is not since I dont have a rash. I am 40 wks now. Not sure if this is normal?


AMBER - December 19



Angela - January 15

I am currently 20 weeks and I have been experiencing a rash that just seems to be getting worse. This is my second pregnancy and the same thing happened with my first. Nothing is making it feel better. The itching is unbelievable, everything I have tried including creams from the doctor has just made it itch more if that is even possible. Lol. The only thing that seems to work is applying an ice pack to the itchy area. You are not the only one scratching though. I feel your itch.


WI - January 19

I am only 8 weeks and I have been diagnosed withPUPPS. I was given Zirtex (for the itching) and a topical steroid cream(to make the bumps go away). I have only been using both for 2 days and the rash is disapating and less itchy. I was told with this treatment it should be gone within 2-3 weeks. My case is not that bad thought. Ask your dr.



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