Really Bad Bloating

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sadd - September 27

Please help if anyone has found a cure for this really bad bloating that I have been having.


Kay - September 27

I don't have a cure, but am in the same boat! I am so bloated I feel like I am going to pop. Hopefully someone will have a good hint for us.


Jane - October 5

Cut down on salt and make sure you get checked out at pre-natal checkups for blood pressure.


Sabrina - October 5

Ironically, the less water you drink, the moreyou will retain. Drink at least 1 cup of water each hour you are awake. It should help Also, make sure you are taking in enough calcium. (2,000 mg/day) Calcium & magnesium help keep blood pressure down. If blood presssure goes up, you also will retain water.


kirsty caie - November 13

hope this helps,but laying down for an hour or so really helps with the bloating,just get plenty of rest!hope this helps


eyebeeablessing2u - November 13

Good post.. good answers.. thanks.... I don't have to ask the same question....i am only 6 weeks and look 5 months.... especially at night...


kiki - November 15

why is teenage pregnecy bad for you


Christine - November 16

Kiki, teenage pregnancy is not necessarily bad for you...remember years ago woman were having babys very young..even before teen years...the problem with it is that a lot of times a young girls body is not matured anywhere to its natural in adulthood which can cause harm...I hope this helped...if not try contacting a clinic in your area...most of them have free information that they could send to you.


missymay - November 24

eyebeeablessing2u,i know what you mean i belive iam pregnant about 4weeks goone yet my belly seems to have just got round at the bottom and swelled quite bad i look about 2/3moths gone!!!


I feel Fat - March 1

I have been trying to get pregnant. and at this time since my last period. I feel bloated. i look pregnant. is that common. i have 1 more week before i'm do for my friend. And i haven't had any cramps. Just Bloating.


Shawna - March 3

People are telling you to drink water...listen BUT, drink DISTILLED water, as other waters have sodium in them. A trick I learned from a female body building champ. You should notice the difference within days...I did. And, it could just be a big baby...I was 110lbs at 5'4" with my first and gained 60 lbs! With my first child I couldn't see my feet at 3mos---many thought I was having twins (well he turned out to be 9lbs and 2 feet long!), and with my second...people thought I was pregnant at 4 weeks...and I just grew from there, and plateaued at around 5 mos, until now 8mos...there is noticeable growth. Good luck!!!


tiyashrivasthav - April 4

Hi ladies, me to observed the same thing during my early days of pregnancy.I can't remember those days.even though I cut down the foods that causes g y entire day I feel bloated.after few days I just Google about my problem I found few tips that avoids bloating and fallowed those tips.for more remedies you can visit this link


NElizabeth - June 26

I had really bad bloating especially in my early pregnancy. People thought i was so much further along in my pregnancy because of the bloating. Cut out high sodium foods and drink more water, good luck!



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