Really Really Bad Discomfort Please Look

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Mommyto1 - June 15

Hi well see my situation is a little weird...well see i already have an 18 month old son....but lately ive been feeling not normal and so i took a pregnancy test and first one had a faint line but then i took three more and all neg. but lately ive been getting a bigger belly its round like a pregnant belly...ive been having almost all the symptoms of pregnancy and all that but i just need to go to the doctor to confirm it...but why im posting on here is because since ive been getting bigger (im probably only like 2 or 3 months but i look almost 4) ive been unbelievably uncomfortable!! i can barely sleep...walk or stomach gets like a pressure feeling..or like a stomach ache (not that sick kind though)..and i get exhausted quickly...(im pretty young and somewhat fit from running around with my son)...i mean its getting so bad that i can barely run after my son....i mean i walk up a set of stairs and i gotta lay down for a long time....what do i do about this??? and what is it?? i mean i was uncomfortable with my last pregnancy but not this bad!! please respond!! and sorry if this seems rambled! no rude responses please!!


marranie - June 20

Best to go to doctor and have a blood test to confirm if you are pregnant or maybe you may have an ovarian cyst or some other problem. Take care and get a check up. Also second and subsequent pregnancies tend to show sooner as the uterus has already been stretched once (like b__wing up a balloon the second time), also have to take into account that when pregnant the first time you are not running around after a toddler, that is pretty exhausting in itself and makes second pregnancy much more tiring.


mcaine1912 - June 22

Get checked for ovarian cysts immediately!!


CaliTrish - June 23

Definitely get it check out ASAP!!! If the hpts were all negative, it could be something serious. Make sure you get an answer, too. Don't let the docs fluff you off.


preggies3 - June 27

I agree with everyone who is stating to go to the doctor. Also take your vitamins if you can keep them down, sometimes that helps a lot as far as energy wise. Make sure you drink lots of fluids and don't over do it. I know that's hard with an 18 month old, but honestly you don't want to land yourself in the hopital for exhaustion and dehydration, then how would you run after him. As for the ovarian cysts, I too have those and they are no picnic so make sure to have your doctor give you an ultrasound even if you are not pregnant, they can get a better view of them as well as measure them and make sure they or it is not growing at a dangerously rapid pace. Good luck and keep us posted.



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