Restless Legs

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Kelsey - September 9

My legs are so restless at night. They keep me from sleeping. Has anyone found a cure for this?


kate - September 15

My doctor told me to drink tonic water as it has quinine in it and to elevate my legs at night and also wear the tight socks you get for long haul air travel in bed...pregnancy just gets more glam!!!!


Tara - September 16

I've also had this at 32 weeks it's like i can't keep them still and i have this horrible pain in my knees..I'm glad i'm not the only one who's had this.


Blaire - October 5

From all the research I have done the answer is no. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it has gotten worse with each one. The only thing that has been studied is iron my cause the restless legs at night, however; they (who ever they is) have also said that restless legs in pregnancy is realted to hormones..... If you find a cure let us all know.


Kim - October 6

I have problems with this too. It helps me to be active in the evening time...either on my feet doing housework or walking. When I lay or sit a lot before going to bed, that's usually when the restlesness starts. Then I get this twitching feeling in the nerves in my legs. To be able to sleep, I have to sleep in the reclining chair.


kris A. - October 7

I have had some measure of relief if I take a hot shower, then really crank the heat and use the spray nozzle and blast them until my legs are pink, then immediately dry off and get in bed and get them elevated... almost half the time I can get to sleep before the hot, relaxed feeling fades... that is normally my best sleep of the night. Of course, after the first nightly pee trip I can get the bad legs again, and I kiss the chance of a restful sleep goodbye.


Lory - October 9

I thought I was the only one :0) The only thing I have found to relieve it is to soak in a hot bath, or do something to take my mind off of it until I get sleepy. This way I can fall right to sleep, without my mind focusing on the twitchy, crawling feeling in my legs and the aching in my knees. UGH! I read that eating lots of carbs or sugar before bedtime can do it, but I have this feeling often throughout the day whenever I'm trying to settle down. Oh, well, just know you're not alone!


Susan - October 12

I have read and it has worked in my 2 pregnancies that eating bananas will relieve the leg cramps. You may be cramping due to a lack of pota__sium.


Blaire - October 13

I take pota__sium supplements every night when I get home, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. What works for me the best is going to bed when I am actually read and not laying there watching TV.



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