Restless Legs Driving Me Mad

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jen - May 4

does anyone else suffer from restless legs in the evenings and at night when in bed? apparently it is common during pregnancy. just wondered if anyone had any cures? have tried tonic water as recommended by a friend but a) it is the most vile stuff i have ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth and b) it didnt work.


My mom's advice - May 4

Additional vitamin B. It does work, but you may want to ask your doctor if it is ok to take a little more, maybe a half pill vs. a full dose. (I am guessing that you are taking vitamins already.)


jen - May 5

thanks, am already taking vitamins but was wary of overdosing on any particular one. will take your advice and speak to my midwife on monday


Toni - May 18

I have severe restless legs and went to see a neurologist regarding. I'm with you when you say they drive you crazy. I was perscribed Tylenol with Codiene. But I only take it when I have too. I've been trying to take Tylenol PM instead. The neurologist suggested the cause may be sleep disorder. Hah everyone knows how well we sleep. Good Luck.


monica - May 20

this same question came up on another post. Someone said that it had to do with the amount of carbs you take in the evenings. You should combine protien with your carbs. I get the restless legs too..... I hate it I just want to relax and the legs are restless.


jen - May 22

FOUND A CURE!!! midwife suggested support tights btu they had zero effect. then went to my local chemists and found 'sleep aid cones' totally natural, like little plasters that you stick on your wrists with a little squidgy cone that presses onto an acupressure point. have worn them for the past 4 nights and have (pardon the pun) slept like a baby, havent even woken to the baby kicking or to go to the loo. starting to feel much more positive about everything as i am now getting 8 hours sleep a night, am even dozing during the day which i also found impossible. hurrah for alternative medicines!!


Monica - June 3

I had the same problem for a while too. A friend of mine suggested eating bananas (she got that suggestion from a friend that had a baby), but since she gave me that advice I haven't been having any problems so I haven't really been them. ...just a suggestion to try



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