Ribcage Pain

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Aimee - November 7

I am 5 months pregnant and have very bad pain right under my right br___t at what seems to be my ribcage. The area is slightly swollen and tender to the touch and the pain radiates to my back just opposite where the pain is in the front. (I do tend to have scoliosis) Thank you.


Kimberly - November 17

Just to be safe you might want to check with your doctor and have your gallbladder checked. Especially if it is on the right side under the ribcage as this is where the gallbladder is. Gallstones can be a problem during pregnancy because of the increased hormones.Not saying that is what it is,but have it looked into just to be safe.


Christine - November 17

I know with my second daughter she loved to get right up under my ribs and stay there...god it was painful...I dont remember any swelling or pain when I touched it though...good luck


Veronica - November 23

yea sound to me like the babys head is stuck unner the ribcge


Diane - November 25

I would get this checked out asap... lower right rib pain can be the first sign of pre-eclampsia along with high BP. I have suffered both this condition and gallstones and both have very similar pains.


Mary - November 27

Hey just today ive been having a pain in my right ribcage almost near the b___st bone, it hurts when i press on it or breath deeply,, i dont know what it could be, also for the past 2 days i guess ive been having swelling of my face, well my face is a little rosy and when i touch it u see white imprints of my fingers. Also ive usually had low blood pressure like mid 80s/50s to early 90s/50s,, but this past tuesday it went up to 112/7?. Now i read that preeclampsia u have high blood pressure not necessarly in the high numbers but if ur top number jumps 30 and the lower jumps 15,,,, any suggestions??


wendy - December 11

doc says it is usually the uterus pressing up against the nerves that exit the rib area...this is why you feel referred pain to the back as well. Although, it is good to check the gall bladder (especially if you also have nausea within 2 hours after eating)



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