Scared About Being Pregnant To Keep It Or Not Quot Quot

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Melody - February 16

Hello lisa! I am an 18 year old mother of a 3 month old, and everyday I am ever so grateful for having him. I believe that you are a strong woman, being that you saw the need to look for help. If you have any questions on how you can suppport the baby, recieve pre-natal services, and even just have a listening ear, contact If you want to contact me with any questions, or comments please feel free to do so. [email protected] good luck!!!!!


shan - February 17

I had a friend who got pregnant at 20 and couldn't bare having an abortion. Yet, she wasn't ready to be a mother. She opted for an open adoption and regurlarly keeps in touch with the adoptive parents and has a casual relationship with her child a few times a year. It may be something to think about


XOXO - February 20

hey 20 yrs old too and in the same situation except i had 2 abortions already. Everytime you have an abortion you mess up your body, which means complications can occur in the future when you do decide to have kids. I do not regret my previous abortions but once in a while i say to myself what if? Im scared too and one day i was thinking to myself will i have the support i need if i keep it and i will. so that helped me a lot plus im too scared of messing up my body even more.


pinky - February 25

it's a miniature could you get rid of it? It always seems harder..........but trust me it will work out


Natalie Overturf - February 26

Dear Lisa, there is so many consequences to abortion that no one will ever tell you. You will never have the opportunity to re-make that decision. There are many crisis pregnancy centers that will help you through the pregnancy and afterwards should you not decide to keep the baby after delivery. Listen to your heart not to move forward with the abortion. That baby within you is a one of a kind person...with a heartbeat--and at 11 weeks arms, legs. even fingernails! You can cope, you can do this...there are people around that want to put their arm around you and help you, you've got to go looking in the right places to find them. I am praying for you right now and will continue to do so. My e-mail is [email protected] I know you can do this!


mara - February 26

I had my 1st child at 21 unwed and of course no money!!!! I am now 29 and morgen is almost 7. Best thing to ever happen to me!! I grew up and worked very hard and now have a great job and bought my 1st house. All on my own. You will never believe how strong you are until you look back in 5-10 years and will be so proud of how far you have come. Your baby has a right and its to live. Please consider adoption otherwise. there are too many couples wanting babies maybe this could be your gift to them. Be strong and make a right choice!!!!


steph - March 12

dont be scared just have the baby but dont have an abortion


sara - March 13

how many weeks can u abort a babay?


chinggay - March 15

im pregnant, and im scared im only 17 and my parents will kill me if they learn about this......


Anon - March 18

Hi. I'm sure by now you've made your decision of what to do. I hope you have been able to find support and friendship where you need it. I have a slighly different bit of info. to put here, just because I've never run into a situation like mine. I became pregnant at 19, and though I was college bound, decided to keep the baby, marry, and for a long while, alot went down hill. My mom not only "disowned" me, she would fight with me constantly. All our friends left us. We were in poverty, sc___ping by, with my husband working 12-14 hours a day, me home alone, and sick throughout the entire pregnancy. After I had post pardom depression like crazy, fought with my husband, and still had a rocky relationship with my family. I have more to say on my son that I had, but let me skip to say that early after my son was born, I became pregnant again, and we knew were not stable enough to care for a new child, keep our relationship, and be certain we gave our son a good home. So, we chose abortion. The experience was not easy, as I had a rude doctor, and a bad experience, and still have some discomfort 6 years later from it. Though what we did will never be forgotten, I do not regret our choice.*** Neither of our choices were ever taken lightly. Had I had both children, I believe my son's life would've suffered, and my marriage would've fallen apart. We made mistakes, but didn't want to make things worse for those already involved. My son is now a beautiful 8 year old, very smart, polite, whom all the neighbors love, and compliment me on, by the way. I found out I am good at being a mom and I love being one. I love the company of my son, and we have a very strong family today. * I have never heard of anyone else who didn't regret having an abortion, and I would never suggest one as the choice. Most people's lives will not be as extreme. A parent may yell, but then be there to love and help out early on. Find friends and people you can indentify with, and turn to. It took us years and was not easy, but, we made it after all. And we are so happy we did.


Bekkah - March 20

I just wanted to add my dissenting voice to the crowd. Unlike the majority here, I have never regretted my abortion. Like you, I knew it wasn't the right time and that I was incapable of caring for a baby or giving it up for adoption--sorry, ladies. I didn't want my child to grow up without a father (because I knew my bf at the time would not have stuck around) and I wanted so much for my life that I knew could not have happened with a baby. So I aborted. And I still feel as though I made the right decision, four years later. I just wanted you to know that not EVERYBODY has regretted their decision to abort. I hope you are able to come to the decision that works best for YOU, no matter what it is! ((hugs))


Bekkah - March 20

PS for everyone who has asked: you can abort all the way through the second trimester. I had my D&C at about 20 weeks.


Angela - March 28

I know by now you have made ur decision but I have to get this off my heart and say it. I am twenty years old and two months before my 20th birthday I found out was pregnant. My boyfriend at the time was very happy and so was his family. My parents were happy as well. But my grandparents(who raised me) were very unhappy and wanted me to have an abortion. I listened to them and did it because they up and still now are taking care of me while I am in school. I did that because of them and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the decision I let them make for me. My current Boyfriend and soon to be fiance have discussed the pros and cons of another pregnancy and are facing the consequences as we speak. We are keeping this child and there is not anything anyone can do about it. So if you feel as though you can look in the mirror at yourself afterwards and live with the decision you have made then go for it but if you can't I'd rethink my alternatives .


krista - March 29

honey im 18 and im pregnant...u were grown up enough to have unprotected s_x so u should be grown up enough to deal with the consequences....think about the innocent child inside of doesnt want to needs u...just remember that


m - March 29

i had an abortion at 19 and regret it everyday, especially since i am 39 wks pregnant right now. There's nothing like feeling someone moving inside you. I was very scared about telling my parents and almost didn't keep this one because i didn't want to tell them. i decided i could not go through another abortion and faced the music with them. They got over it with in a couple of weeks and now are so happy and excited about their grandchild. You have to do whats right for you, no one can make this decision for you.


Tiffeny - April 4

I'm pregnant and i'm worried about the birth and having to wake up in the night



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