Scared About Being Pregnant To Keep It Or Not Quot Quot

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Mama - January 14

If you have an abortion i can almost guarantee you will join the millions of women who regret it everyday of their lives....Life has been created, enjoy it or give it to someone else who will....


sparkles - January 16

Lisa, I have a friend who got pregnant by her borfriend at 18 and thought about getting an abortion. Her family was encouraging her to abort the baby, since she just graduated from high school, had never been to college, and wasn't married. She had a lot of people who were very unsupportive of her being pregnant. Being prolife, I encouraged her to keep the baby, as I believe that every baby is a gift from God and not a mistake. She ended up keeping the baby and later thanked me for encouraging her not to get the abortion, as her beautiful little girl was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Yes, she was scared and unsure about being a young, single mom....but deep down she knew that keeping the baby was the right thing to do. And she is such a happy mom now and loves her little girl so much. Don't be scared and trust in God to take care of you both. God chose you to carry this little one knowing that you'd be the right person to do it. How incredible that you carry such a tiny, precious life inside of you! Be strong and allow others to help you in this time. There are many programs to help out single moms. Find a pregnancy counseling center and learn what's available to you and your baby. Remember that there are other options, such as adoption. If you don't feel you can give your baby the kind of home he/she needs, consider the many women unable to have a baby who would lovingly open their arms to the little one. I wish you the very best and know you'll be a great mom to your baby!


kimmy - January 17

Hi there....i'm 24years and 12 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy, my first pregnancy I opted to abort. This was because I was not with the father and still felt I was not ready to devote myself fully to a child. I look back now and I know I made the right decision but it was tough and there are times when I feel sad - but I guess thats just natural. I actually did consider taking the same avenue for this pregnancy and I actually had the appointment booked but on the day before I decided I couldn't go through with it. I phoned my boyfriend who was then overseas and told him my feelings. We're now so looking forward to our baby and can't believe we ever consider not going through with it. I think you've just got to make sure you're absolutely sure before going through with an abortion but if you do decide to go through with it don't feel guilty. I also believe if you can you should talk to your mum about this - I think they are often under estimated. My mum supported me fully with both decisions. Take care and keep your chin up.


Ryan Sobleskey - February 4

hi i am telling u right now killing that baby is thee worst thing u can do . Keep it i am sure u will be amazed in how fun it really is . Keep the baby like everyone else. Do NOT KILL the baby.


sye - February 6

i would really think very hard a careful about what you want to do...i had an abortion once...about 9 years ago (sorry i can't give you my reason) and to this day, i'm still bothered by that decision....


shruti rai - March 8

is it possible to conceive 5 days before the periods are going to arrive eg- if i had s_x on the 2nd of august and my periods were expected on the 9th of august what i want to ask is. is it possible to conceive within 5-7 days i would also like to tell u that my husband did not ejaculate inside me he pls help


???????? - March 12

i had s_x.but on the right hand side the condom was ripped abit when i took out my p___s from the vigina the condom was ripped is the girl pregnant .yes or no.


TonysWife - May 18

I had an abortion when I was 21. It was no big deal. I've never had any side effects, physically or emotionally, from it. I was relieved. It worked into my life well, and I have never regretted it. Several of my friends have had abortions, and we all agree that at the time we did it it was the right thing. Be careful of crisis pregnancy centers, they have a tendency to be biased. Get complete information on all your options yourself. And remember: it's nobody else's business what you choose to do. Review all options carefully, don't listen to other people because they are all biased one way or another, and make a decision for yourself. It worked for me and my friends!


Brandie in Ga - May 19

Lisa hey there my name is Brandie 26 yrs old and Im 29 weeks with my 3rd child.When I ws 18 I got pregnant..I left the father due to he was abusive to me even while pregnant.I too thought about abortion and all the other options.I had no money and no where to live but I KEPT my child.He is now 7 yrs old and I dont regret a moment of it.He has Bipolar and ADHD but still a joy in my life...Think long and hard before you do anything.Me personally I would put up for adoption before aborting it as there are lots of families out there who would love a child.Plus at least if u give it up u will know it is being taken care of and not pa__sed.To be honest when I was going through all of this at 18 I sat on the beach looked to the sky and prayed to both my grandmothers who had pa__sed.I told them how I felt and asked them to help.Within seconds I knew what I had to do and Im glad I do.Good luck sweetie if u want to talk u can im me on yahoo as babyloves321 or aol at Lckycharm17


jenbabe - July 27

It really angers me at some of your responses.. S_x creates life.. Its a gift from God. If you are willing to have s_x and then not take care of the consequences that seems really immature to me. I'm 19 and pregnant and there is no way I would consider terminating this little life inside of me... even after how miserable I am with the sickness and so forth.. I guess I look at abortion A LOT different than some people who have posted.. You are letting someone take the life of your baby because you are being too selfish to give it love and you are TOO worried about your career and your life? If thats the case go on birth control or get your tubes tied, DO something. Abortion in my eyes is completely wrong and I think very shamefully of people who are selfish enough to go this route.. there is always ADOPTION. And those of you who havent regretted it.. all i have to say is, wow... how could you not? THATS YOURE FLESH AND BLOOD that you just had killed... people amaze me.. not trying to offend anyone.. all that just angers me!


karen goode - July 28

I have to agree with the abobe post. I don't understand how someone could go on with life as if it was like a knee surgery. Having had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 monhts I am now pregnant again. I am on my knees praying to GOD throughout the day that my baby will live. If you do not want to keep your baby I strongly urege you to give up for adoption. THere are so many couples who desperately want a child. This post is most likely pointless b/c you had to of made up your mind by now.


jenbabe - July 28

I am sorry to hear about your m/c karen... My cousin just lost her baby two days ago and the docs told her she probably would never be able to carry a baby.. and then there are people out their who have the gift of being able to, and they rip it right out of their body as if its a germ to be removed or something. I just dont understand.


sonia989 - October 31

I had a 'medical abortion' when i was 22. I had had a b___st reduction and right after found out i was a few weeks preg. I started to get an infection in my b___sts and had a tiny bit of spotting and my Gym and plastic surgeon said 'you have to terminate it'. I was an so obedient, i just went ahead and did it. I ended up with an infection from the d&c and took a long time to recover emotionally. 12 years later i was ttc and found out i had problems with my ovaries. To add insult to injury, I also found out the d&c was probably not necessary like they said. I did get pg this summer but had a m/c. Thanks to God i am pg again and at 8 weeks so far it looks good. I have always regretted getting that d&c and not really getting more information on my choices. And having fertility issues later made me all the more sorry about it and made me feel like i had been given that chance and that gift and had b__wn it. Thank God I am getting a second chance. I just want to say you never know if the baby your carrying will be the last one you will ever get to have, so it's not something to take lightly, and you can always use more reliable birth control if you don't want another one later on.


sonia989 - October 31

sorry- i meant my GYN, not my Gym. Gym what- gym teacher?


mommynproud - November 30

I am 19 years old and 6 months pregnant. I was scared half to death to. I've learned to just accept things as they are. I'm lucky enough to have support from my fiance and both sides of the family. I hope you have the same. If you don't, be strong. It's easy to say, I know. It's scary but I know you can do it. Adoption is always a good alternative to.


Felisha - December 7

Scared is a very common first response to finding out you are pregnant espically if you are going to be a single mom. I just turned 21 in september and am due in 3 days although i am not a single mom i wasnt sure what i was going to do with a child at such a young age. Your fear will eventually subside and excitment will set in. abortion is an option but you have to ask yourself if you will feel guilty or like you have done something wrong. Alot of women who get abortions have a very hard time coping with the guilt afterwards and feel as though they have made a huge mistake. they will not abort after 16 weeks so if this is your decision you have to get it done because the farther along you are the more it hurts also if you do decide not to get an abortion and dont think you can handle being a mom there are so many deserving couples out there that cannot have children you can contact a private adoption agancy and there are couple who may want your baby and that way atleast you will know your shild is geting a good home and not stuck in the system. I hope this advice helps and good luck with your decision.



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