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deb - March 4

Hi ladies, Congrats to you all. I am 10wk5days and having a time with my sinus. I have tried sleeping under a vaporizor like the nurses i work with suggested from personal experience of course and I am still having trouble. I really don't want to take anything in the 1 trimester due to previous m/c I am being very careful. Anyone have any suggestions. I'm willing to try about anything


deb - March 4

oh, yeah! I forgot, this is gross but when I b__w my nose sometimes it's nothing but blood coming out. Is anyone else doing that. Someone said it's common in pregnant woman


Rachel* - March 7

I have sinus problems too. You might want to "loosen" it up by breathing in some steam. You can buy a facial steamer at the store (Walmart or Target) or you can simply put a pot of water (around 3" of water) on the stove and bring it to a boil. Then lower the heat so it continues to put off steam but is not bubbling too much (be carefull not to let it splash up on your face). Lower your face over the opening of the pot and breath in deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This loosens up the mucus stuck in your sinuses. Blow your nose and try to get rid of it.Good luck :)


Melissa - March 8

Hi. I am 37 weeks and have sinus issues. I can't breath, my head is all stuffed up along with my ears. I have so much mucous I have to practically throw-up every morning to get it out. GROOSE! I have been drinking a lot of water, sleeping with a cool mist humidifier, I put Vicks Vapor rub just on the two openings of my nostrils and when it is really bad I prop myself up when I sleep. All this really seems to help. You can get through it without medication, it is just harder. I hope I can get better before I go into labor, I would like to be able to breath while dealing with that! Good Luck!


chel - March 9

My doctor says Sudafed is completely safe. But, be sure to check with your doctor before you take anything. Also, try the breathe right nasal strips and saline nasal drops.



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