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Anon - December 16

I am 29 weeks along and I am getting no sleep lol. I know it's wonderful practice for when my little one comes, but is there any way that I can maybe get some rest? I keep my husband up all night tossing and turning, from the baby moving, or getting up to use the restroom, or from feel sick to my stomach....yeah the morning sickness seems to have returned for me in my third trimester. Any help will do if I can maybe get a moments rest at night =) I am sure my hubby would appreciate it too lol.


Christine - December 16

Try not to drink many fluids after 6pm..this should help with the bathroom for the sickness...keep crackers next to your bed...and eat some before sleep so you have a little something in there throughout the night...if you wake up..dont get up suddenly..reach over and eat a for the baby moving...your on your own...its his/her world right now...aint much you can do to get the little bugger to sleep when you do...try resting more during the day so you are at least getting adequate rest...good luck


cris - December 21

Try exercise to tire yourself out, walking is great, low impact. To get the baby to slow down at night remeber that when you move around it is like rocking the baby to sleep and then suddenly stop when you get into bed it can wake the baby, so get into a routine where you exercise or walk then give yourself some "down time" before bed to give the baby time to wake up move around and then when baby settles back down you can get to sleep. Eating can also wake up baby, gives them a little energy charge. It's all in the timing and setting a routine, also good advice for when baby arrives, routine is key to almost everything. I'm expecting my fifth, husband in military and in Korea (alone) for the next year and I couldn't get through a day with four small ones without a schedule/routine.



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