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anon - August 15

What sleeping positions do you all do?


Lindsay - August 16

At 23 weeks i am pretty much tossing and turning all night... the laying on the left side doesn't work for me most of the time and when i lay on my back he kicks me all night...i use to read about women using tons of pillows at night and now i can see why...i use one under the belly, one between my legs, one under my head and sometimes one under my feet...i can imagine this will only get worse :(


mary jane - August 23

big fluffy sponge pillow under my head one resting behind me so i sleep at a tilt, a feather one between my knees and one in my arms. its like being in a big nest so no matter which way you roll you always end up on a pillow! and yes it is very comfortable..if your man doesnt like it well couches were invented for reasons ;)


anon - August 23

Thank you for your adorable.. both of you.. I definetely need more pillows..I sleep with three under my head, I roll my bedspread into a big ball for my feet and put one pillow between me and hubby so he won't accidentally bob me in my abdomen. I tried rolling on my left side a few times only to cause myself a big discomfort. I felt like my belly b___ton was going to come off. I wonder why your baby kicks you when you are on your back. That is so precious. He is saying hello. I feel my baby when I am she likes the noise.. ...and yeah, couches for the snoring dorks...


mary jane - August 23

i am 24 weeks and mine is the same way with the kicking. its a boy and he will not on all accounts kick for my friends, mom or even boyfriend most of the time..but sure enough 10 30 at night when i have just settled it he starts up like theres a party going on! i am trying to resist going out and buying one of those matresses that are pretty much one big pillow...but its about as hard as resisting cheesecake and apple pie!


Lindsay - August 24

yep. I'm pretty much the same way and I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. It's difficult to sleep but the pillow between the legs, under the head and in your arms works for me and in seems to work for everyone else too!



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