So Constipated

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MommyMeg07 - July 13

Hey Mommas! I have been soooo constipated for about 2 weeks. I haven't had a bowel movement in 4 days now, and am so umcomfortable. I have taken Milk of Magnesia for the last two nights before I have gone to bed and still have not had any results. Does anyone have any comments about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


boolie79 - July 13

watermelon.. lotsa watermelon lol.. really helps me when i am constipated. I have been eating it on a regular basis to help with the regulation of constipation during pregnancy. Hope that helps


MommyMeg07 - July 13

Thanks! I was planning on buying a fruit tray to munch on, so that's good news. :)


Keli - July 13

My dr gave me a prenatle vitamin with stool softner and it has helped tremendously. At this point, you may try and enema? Its the only way for instant relief? Or try drinking a little bit of prune juice every day.


KLT - July 17

Prunes mama!


Geisa - July 20

I started getting a little constipated about a month ago (I'm 22 weeks as of tomorrow) and I started adding a good serving of wheat germ on my smoothy in the mornings. I haven't been constipated since then. Unless of course, I don't have the wheat germ. I also increased the amount of fiber in all I eat, with oatmeal and flaxseed. I make muffins with those ingredients plus freshly juiced fruit pulp. And LOTS of water. Hope that helps!


clare - July 21

prunes, dates,figs.....they all do the trick also drinking plenty of orange juice helps if you can stand it lol it kills me for heartburn so i cant drink it anymore


MommyMeg07 - July 21

Thank you all so much for your help! Prunes have really worked, and just fruit in general and I'm going to talk to Dr. about prenatal vitamin w/stool softener. Thanks again!


KLT - July 21

Just be careful with the fruit doctor told me not to drink fruit juice at all...worried about me getting diabetes.. And I was told I can eat some maybe one a day, but thats it. If you drink could drink a cup of that, which is alright, and hey...instant laxative (at least for some)... : )


erinmanley - July 28

I had the same problem after taking a 16 hour road trip last month. I went to my grandmothers and she got me a bottle of Motts apple-juice. And I took Colace gentle laxative....worked wonders!!!


tiphanai - August 4

One word: Metamucil!


silencingtearsofhope - August 6

you could also try eating a cup of Fiber One cereal every day. I had horrible constipation and started eating that and drinking 3 liters of water a day and I am so much more comfortable now!



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