So SORE I Feel Like I Was Kicked In The Vagina

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chels1 - January 1

I don't know what this pain is, but I am 27w 3d and it started about a week ago. I really don't know how to describe it other than it feels like I had s_x for like a week strait or was kicked really hard in the va___a. By the end of the day it hurts so bad to walk that I can't handle it. And last night it kept me up every time I rolled over. It's usually a little better in the morning and gets much worse as the day progresses, but today it hurts so bad I'm laying here crying on the couch and I just don't want to move because it hurts SOOOO bad. I was just at the hospital 3 days ago because of another issue and they looked at my cervix and said it was still shut tightly and long. WHAT IS THIS??? I have a doctor appt tomorrow afternoon but untill then I think I am going to just lay on the couch with an ice pack on it.


Jokat - January 1

Hi there, I can sympathize!! Actually I came on to ask the same question!! I'll be 31 weeks on Tuesday and since about 25 weeks I've had this same feeling! It's agonizing! I told my doctor about it at my last appointment and she brushed it off and said it was ligament pain, but there is no way it's round ligament pain!! It's my whole crotch below the hair line...sorry tmi! I dread getting up to pee in the night cause of the pain of rolling over just like you. Let me know if you get an answer tomorrow cause I don't go to my doctor till Thursday and I can't stand this!


savy - January 2

I am having the same discomfort. I'm almost 28 weeks, and it started around 25 weeks for me. My doctor said that it's your pelvic area getting ready for birth. So the pain is your body stretching out in preparation for your little one to make his/her way through. Some days it can get painful and some days it's not that bad. On good days, I'll take a walk or hit the eliptical for about 20 and it makes it feel better.


brwneyedgirl - January 2

LOL I love the fact that every time I have a weird question, there's always others who are going through the same thing! Mine's been on-and-off now for weeks, and that is the same way I describe it too. I can't see my v____a anymore so one time I asked my hubby if it was swollen to 3 times the size cuz that's what it felt like! haha What did your doc say?


savy - January 3

It also helps to ma__sage the area. Get your hubby'ss/bf's to give you a light ma__sage.


brwneyedgirl - January 3



milf001 - January 16

I am 31 weeks w/my 3rd and I started getting those pains around 26 weeks also. Mind you, i never had that w/the other 2. I do notice its worse when ia m sleeping at night and need to get up to go pee!


ali d - January 16

Hi all I would really spk with your docs re this as I am no expert, however I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and having the same probs. I had this with my 1st pregnancy also, and it turned out that this is varicose veins (!!) - yes, you can get them 'down there' too!! I was shocked believe me when I was told, but this time around I know the signs and it's exactly the same. Apparently it can be the weight of the baby that causes these, and the pain is the same as having them in your bottom. Believe me, I know what it feels like - it's like severe toothache at times - a throbbing pain that won't go away. I really hope this helps - as I say I'm no doctor, but on reading your symptoms they are exactly the same as mine!!!!


babynumbertwo - January 16

It maybe ligament pain, which is just stretching of the ligaments to make more room for the baby. I have it too and it hurts so bad, I can't even explain. It looks like your drs appt was today... so hopefully he/she gave you some answers. Good luck.


babyonboard16 - February 2

well it was kinda cool to read this seeing as mine started tonight haha, they suck


steph115 - February 12

I have had pain (I like the "kicked" a___logy! lol) since about wk14. It actually gets worse when I sit-even more so if I sit on something soft like my couch. I mentioned it to my OB and she said it was muscular pain, nothing to worry about, but not uncommon. She then proceeded to make the a___logy of the muscles of my v____a being like a trampoline which is really tight and then after being "jumped" on become stretched. So.... now, everytime I get up from a seated position, not only do I walked like I have a cob up my rear (or worse!) for about 2-3 min-I also have to deal with the mental image I have of a saggy trampoline between my legs. I'm thinkin' she could have just stopped at the "it's muscular" explanation!! I am only 23 weeks now, so the thought that this may worsen in the next few weeks is not what I wanted to hear! :-) Btw.... this is my second pregnancy-did not have it with my first.


carriebear94 - February 18

I am 38w2d pregnant and maybe 2 weeks ago I satrted feeling the same pain. I told my midwife and without even checking me she announced the possibility of varicose veins on the vulva. This could be the problem that goes away immediatly after childbirth. I have found that nothing rids of the pain, and that you can only think positively about it and maybe the pain will temporarily subside. Sorry for your discomfort.... Good luck!


sandra-c - February 19

Hi girls. The pain you have sounds like something called symphisis pubis dysfunction or SPD for short. I really feel for you cos I had it with my third pregnancy from around 17 wks. I could hardly walk up stairs, put on clothes and turning in bed was sheer agony. Unfortunately it usually gets worse as the pregnancy progresses but you should ask your midwife to refer you to physiotherapy. They will try all sorts of exercises with you. I ended up on crutches at the end but the good thing is that it does disappear after baby is born. My baby is 8 wks old now. Dont let anyone tell you its just your body preparing for birth - it IS a recognised condition and I am surprised the doctor or hospital hasnt mentioned it before now. Please ask cos they can help. Good luck xx


dea - February 20

My vote is for varicous veins on the labia. I've had one since about 12 weeks. (I am now 29 weeks). There are things you can do to help minimize the discomfort. #1- flat, well-supported shoes. Sneakers and my favs but job "dress code" prompted me to go out and buy a couple new pairs. #2- DO NOT sleep on your right side for awhile (cuts the circulation off). Stay on your left and definately put a pillow between your legs. #3- Use your arms to move around in bed and also- keep you knees together when rolling over. I also sometimes use my arm strength to physically move my legs. #4- avoid underwear. YUP!! The elastic can cut off circulation to that area and produce paniful throbbing. Which is why my vein hurt far more by the afternoon- after working all day- than on weekends when I didn't wear panties. Gross at times but worth the ease in comfort. LADIES: ask your doctors to actually "look" down there. That's how I figured mine out. I also explored with a mirror before talking to the doctor to see if things looked swollen/different down there. GL everyone--


dea - February 20

You can also buy a support to help with that area. Like a mini jock strap...


tuppence - December 19

What a relief reading your posts. I came on this website to see if I could find anything about having a sore v____a during pregnancy, I thought I was the only one. My goodness there are a lot of us that have this problem. It is so painful, I am experiencing pain 24/7, but after I lay down and try to get up or roll over it's even worse. I feel like someone has kicked me so d__n hard in the v____a area. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I had this during my first pregnancy but not as bad. So I guess there is no correct answer to our problem right? Everyone seems to put how they feel on here but no one has come up with a solution. My doctors don't know what it is and can't explain it to me, but you ladies have certainly made me feel more normal knowing I'm not alone with this, thank you. But please if anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it!


kgoob - February 5

It is always so comforting to find out other women are experiencing the same questions and issues! Thanks, ladies! I can't say I have any solutions for this issue but it does sound a lot like Chadwick's sign, which is a sign of pregnany where the cervix, v____a, and labia become cyanotic (bluish purple, bruised looking). Plus with all the extra blood flow down there the swelling is very normal. And just like when any other body part swells, it comes with pressure and sometimes pain. I would think avoiding panties while sleeping is a good idea. I would say look into SPD if the pain is severe or limits functioning. I am 24 weeks and my discomfort started a week ago and I noticed it after my husband and I had s_x. I thought nothing of it the first few days but it hasnt gone away so that's when I figured something was up. And one of my labia is bruised looking. I am still going to mention it to my midwife, but Im not really worried (any more) after finding this posting, along with other info online. So thanks again for the support and keep doing those Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor!



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