So SORE I Feel Like I Was Kicked In The Vagina

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kgoob - February 5

It is always so comforting to find out other women are experiencing the same questions and issues! Thanks, ladies! I can't say I have any solutions for this issue but it does sound a lot like Chadwick's sign, which is a sign of pregnany where the cervix, v____a, and labia become cyanotic (bluish purple, bruised looking). Plus with all the extra blood flow down there the swelling is very normal. And just like when any other body part swells, it comes with pressure and sometimes pain. I would think avoiding panties while sleeping is a good idea. I would say look into SPD if the pain is severe or limits functioning. I am 24 weeks and my discomfort started a week ago and I noticed it after my husband and I had s_x. I thought nothing of it the first few days but it hasnt gone away so that's when I figured something was up. And one of my labia is bruised looking. I am still going to mention it to my midwife, but Im not really worried (any more) after finding this posting, along with other info online. So thanks again for the support and keep doing those Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor!


Kspec1300 - May 1

feel the same way


sweetamarie21 - May 4

I feel the same pain. I am approx. 16 weeks pregnant give or take a couple of weeks. I haven't been to a dr. yet. I know it's horrible But i live on an island ( navy base) with my boyfriend & its hard for us to get over to the states to see one. This fri. we have scheduled to make it on the flight & I really hope so, so I too can be looked at & find out if theres anything they can do to help me with it. It is the worst when getting out of bed or moving my legs apart. I just am worried because it's my first pregnancy & I haven't been to a dr. yet & have no idea what to expect. Also, just curious, when should you be able to feel your baby moving around inside of your stomach..I think I have felt slight movement a couple of times But wasn't sure when that started.


1sttimepreggo - July 4

Thankyou thankyou thankyou everyone! I feel much better that I know other people have the same problem. I am normal!?! lol I was just worried it may cause problems with the birth?? Has anyone known of any problems in birth because of this? SandraG you 'hit the nail on the head' with your explaination!! + I laughed out loud when i read about how you turn over and to get hubby to help you- its exact same with me. I used to have our bed on floor and once i'd finally rolled out, i crawled like a cat for a bit then pulled myself up the wall! Hahaha. Goodluck with this next pregnancy- i hope for you don't have this same problem with this one. :)


ehfreema - March 31

OMG, I'm having the SAME EXACT problem!!! It started after my husband and I had s_x. I literally feel like someone punched or kicked me in the v____a. I know it sounds strange ... kind of crazy. I am so happy to find you all here. I'm calling my OB/GYN tomorrow but I feel much better having read these posts. I'm thinking either symphisis pubis dysfunction or v____al varicose veins. Who knew!? Thanks Ladies!


toadie4 - May 10

I did not have any pain with any of my pregnancies (4) but I noticed a "rope" like vein in my crotch with my 3rd pregnancy. It didn't complicate delivery, and it popped back in after birth. However, I had some achiness after s_x high up in the v____a, didn't know why. With my 4th pregnancy, the veins returned on both sides in the groin. They progressed on my b___t, and down my thigh, didn't complicate birth. After my 4th birth, they got a little better, but did not "disappear". It's been a year since her birth, and the vericose veins in my groin bother me after s_x sometimes. It aches bad.(so use lubrication, it helps alot). Sometimes the v____a and labia swell during my period or when I ovulate because of the vericose veins. It sucks. I got the veins in my legs caused by the v____al vericose veins treated, but I still need to treat the ones in my groin and pelvis. There is help, but you have to be persistant and specific. I felt like I was crazy, my OBGYN made me feel like I was the only woman on earth who was "defective". I ended up taking my "problem" to a vascular surgeon, since they treat vericose veins any way. Good luck ladies. You are not alone! I too was scouring the internet for info on this condition at 3am! It is indeed vericose veins.


azaria2021 - February 11

yeah, im 24 weeks, and im 17, with my first child. and its like a burning pain. I find myself lying with a damp facecloth between my legs. Some one please get a notion on whats going oon.


Wellsy76 - January 17

Hi I've had this problem with most of my pregnancies and I'm having the worst one yet 

it's called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction it's where your pelvic bone separates to much to quickly 

painful and if not given right advice can be damaging Google helpful hints to coping with the pain 

keep your legs together as much as possible and lay with a pillow between your legs 

some people can actually be wheel chair bound for their pregnancy and the strange thing is it usually goes after baby 

you have to ask your doctor about it as not many know about it 

it's common in UK 


NickNE78 - February 7

Hello all!!  I am 24 weeks, this is baby #2 for me.  Everything ya'all describe is how I feel, I had it during my first pregnancy too.  My OB also said SPD was the cause, as well as ligament pain from stretching and spreading wider to prepare for delivery.  Well, I am having a C-section, I dont need the relaxin, I dont need to spread out any further, and my body needs to get on board with this...I am frustated.  I can't spread, cross or uncross my legs without feeling like a moose just kicked me in the crotch, then after I fell down to the ground, it backed up and proceeded to stomp on my vagina, breaking it.  Its not a vericose vein in my situation, its simply that an oversized moose broke my vagina.  Warm showers and Tylenol do seem to help tho, I suggest trying that.  Has anyone tried yoga?  I want to try, as I practiced yoga in the past, but I am honestly too scared of making the pain worse.  


CayHappy - November 24

Good Day ladies... congrats on the pragnancy... i have the same discomfort and cannot even walk. Get up from the sofa after relaxing for 10min.. it is very nice to hear that this is normal. according to my doc baby is just getting ready. It started at 25weeks already... Hope that this will not get worse thn already is.


MotifSky - December 18

It maybe ligament pain, which is just stretching of the ligaments to make more room for the baby. I have it too and it hurts so bad, I can't even explain


Growinbaby03 - January 8

l felt very similar to you and  lt turns out l have two hernias down there :( they say it’s really uncommon for women to have them ln that location lts more common ln males, l guess lm the unlucky one:(



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