Something Protruding Out Of Vagina

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Worried 19 - July 18

i'm 37 weeks pregnant and ever since probably the 20th week, I notice something protruding out of my va___a.. Is this normal? is it just because of all the pressure from the baby? or is my bladder or something falling out? i'm getting really worried. I'm 19, I started at 105 lbs & now i'm at 135.. so is this normal for me to have? I also have good control over my pelvic muscles, so what could this be? does anyone know? please help


miranda - July 18

I'm not a dr, but I have heard of two things which it might be, but I think these are more worst case scenarios... I've heard of cases where your cervix can hang low and even protrude out of the v____a, but it's usually because of previous pregnancies. Another thing you would really want to rule out immediately is whether or not it is the umbilical cord, because that would be a very serious problem. Other than that, are you sure it's not just swelling, which is common during pregnancy? Check with your dr to rule out anything serious. Hope this helps.


miranda - July 18

me again - actually, if your cervix had a problem your dr would probably already have found it, and if you have had this for 17 weeks or so, I would doubt it was the cord.


Worried 19 - July 19

Thanks for responding. I dont think its the cord or cervix hanging down. but is it common to have swelling from the inside? I've heard of the v____al lips being swollen, but never the inside


miranda - July 19

I don't know. I remember thinking how different everything felt in my second pregnancy, but if this is your first I really don't know what to tell you. Ask your dr. That's what they are there for and they've seen enough they would probably know immediately what it is. Do you have a nurse line at your office you can call? That would probably be the best thing to do, and they could decide if it was something to worry about.


worried 19 - July 19

well.. just incase anyone else has this same problem..i went to the doctor today and she said its just my v____al walls and because of everything loosening up and becoming weaker, its being pushed down. she said for me to do kegels..thats it. I guess thats good news, she said its not my bladder or any of those other things.


miranda - July 20

Glad everything turned out ok!


L - July 21

Ok i have a question...what are kegals and should i be doing them? i am 19 weeks...


.. - July 21

kegels are exercises you can do to strengthen v____al muscles. the best way I can explain to figure out how to do them is next time you are in the middle of peeing, use your muscles to stop the flow of urine. Also, my lamaze instructor described them as the muscles you use to "hug" your partner with during intercourse. Anyhow, you do kegel exercises by flexing these muscles. And yes, Pregnant women should do them because it helps to strengthen the muscles that support your growing uterus and it makes labor easier. - July 29

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES !!! LOL --- Can you tell me how you had the nerve to post here rather than go to the doctor immediately? Wait that sounds wrong. Nerve is the wrong word. What I mean is ..... how could you not be scared out of your mind and driving immediately to the doctor ??? Or asking your doc 17 weeks ago. If something was pokin out of my v____a (or any other hole in my body) I'd take off to the ER immediately !! You're one brave woman ! Happy to hear it was only swelling. I've heard (read) about women whose uterus literally falls out of the v____a. Happy this wasn't what happened to you. GOOD LUCK with the rest of the pregnancy and mommyhood.



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