Sore Breasts Can T Sleep

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K - August 1

Does anyone know of any ways to relieve sore br___ts? Everytime I turn in bed I wake up because they hurt so bad! I tried sleeping with a bra on but it didn't do any good. Does anyone have any advice? I'm only 7 weeks.


Cas - August 3

I can deffinatly feel your pain. Iwas a DD before I got PG and now I can't fit into any of my bras and my b___sts feel like they weigh 500 pounds each!!! I can't stand it! Im at 15 weeks now. Does it ever end???


Bahama Mama - August 3

Try putting tabasco sauce on your nipples. It's an old family secret. I know it sounds weird, but try it,


Di - August 4

Usually if you put warmth to your b___bs it will make the sorness go away. When i was pregnant i was carring a box of fried chicken and the box was hot when i was holding it against my chest it relieved the pain lol. So heat can do it but not burning heat.



just wondering I am 14wks and my b___sts have been sore but now there is a new twist my left b___st is not only sore but the nipple is very itchy it is really driving me crazy to the point that if I could I would cut it off!! my right one is still tender but not like the left the left one has no discharge so I don't think it is infection please if anyone else is feeling this let me know asap thanks


Jessica NY - August 5

I must be experiencing every sypmtom on here, I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant with my first and I too am getting the pain and itching on my b___sts, the nipple and areola are the worst, they itch so much and it's impossible to scratch those without hurting them. I'm a DD (for now) and wearing a bra hurts so I sleep without, I'm sure I'll pay for that later on with sagging! Also, does anyone else find bras with underwiring make you feel sick by pressing down on your stomach? My stomach is very sensitive at the moment, even touching it can make me feel nauseous, anyone else get that?



hi Jessica ny I am glad to see I am not the only one with itchy nipples I thought I was crazy!! and yes I know you can not really scratch them i wish I knew what to do to help that go far as you nausa and stomach being very sensitive well is this your first baby? That could be the cause everything is stretching in there and the nausa should go away soon mine is mostly gone just try to eat a little something I found out fruit is very good at helping that a banana is great and you can find them year round good luck!!



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