Spitting Is This Normal

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Heron - November 29

I suddenly started spitting two days ago. lots gets into to my mouth and i just cannot swallow it. its quite embarrasing and make work difficult as i am a consultant any ideas on how to stop it? Also my mouth is unbelieveably bitter like i am suckingon aloes!


nora - January 2

I am 12 weeks pregnanct and I have the same problem..spitting ,spitting and more spitting. The best way to handle the problem for me is to sip water all the time to regain the lost fluid. The other way to to brush my teeth as many times I can. And best of all to eat very small bites of food as much as I can to keep good nutriene intake and to prevent heartburn


Debbie - January 4

I think I may be pregnant with my second child. I'm supposed to start my period in 4 days. I've had this constant nausea for about a week now and a bitter taste in my mouth. It is not accompanied by heartburn. I've never heard of this before and I didn't even get sick with my first pregnancy. Does anyone know if this bitterness is a symptom of pregnancy?


micki - April 1

Believe it or not I have been on my PC looking for "uncommon" pregnancy syptoms since I think I may be preggers but am having strange syptoms. One of the places I checked states an increase in saliva as one of the more "uncommon" syptoms....sorry it's so bothersome but it is normal.


clara t - April 2

ur producing more saliva, spitting is common. I know of a lady who actually carried around a cup for this. Talk about YUCK! Debbie the metallic taste in ur mouth is pretty common too.


francesca - April 4

I too can't stop the spitting. I did this with my first baby and now with my 2nd. I've been told it is normal but I feel like I'm going to go crazy. I don't have any answers. I wish I knew what to eat to help stop the extra saliva production. I feel desperate. It's constant. Help! Oh, and this is paired with all day and all night morning sickness.


Heron - May 10

Thanks i am way over that now can't remember when it stopped it just stopped. I would recommend swallowing it its nauseating. But i did take lots of cold water, lemony drinks and gingery biscuits. I am almost due now thanks!!


jen - May 17

thank god!! thought it was just me. keep waiting for the "say it, don't spray it" comments!!


TG - June 6

I also have constant bitter taste in the mouth and excess production of saliva. Makes me very queasy. Can't wait for it to go away!


rena - July 14

i have the same problems but what to do about it


Maria - July 15

Wow, I am not alone...........I thought I was the only one experiencing this. As I am typing, I am spitting into my cup that I carry with me 24/7. I appreciate the suggestions being made. I will try them. This is so frustrating and I truly hope this does not last the entire pregnancy. This spitting must be more common with women experiencing morning sickness. I have morning sickness basically all the time. Any more suggestions Ladies will be greatly appreciated. By the way.........good luck to all of you.


Tina - July 20

I am going through it right now and the best advice given to me was to suck on crushed ice. It gives you a break; however, once the last of the crushed ice is gone...back to spitting.


baby.ksh49.com - July 29

THANK YOU for this post. When I sleep, I'm a drooler for sure !! I always wake up with a wet cheek. But lately I've been waking up LITERALLY soaked from chin to forehead with drool. Good Lord it's horrible. Hubby use to think my drool was cute .... now he's d__n near terrified one of us will drown. *laughs* The "extra saliva research" makes me feel better. P.S. If you don't hear from me in a few days, find a life jacket and rowboat and come find me. *smiles*


B - August 2

Oh my gosh, I have started drooling a river...I thought it was just me because I never did that before I got pregnant.


jessie - August 5

i have the same problem of spitting all the time. i can't swallow it because if i do, i will vomit the next minute. anyway, i minimize it through the chewable calcium caltrate given by my doctor...i also eat turnip...it does not only minimize spitting but even by heart burn.


Joyce - September 2

I am so happy i've met found u guys. I thought i was going mad. I haven't started my morning sickness but am always spit, spit, spit especially after eating. When i am hungry it is almost worse cause then it gets this real sour taste. i now rarely want to open my mouth to talk cause its always full of saliva ready to be spit out.


Blanca-Houston - September 14

I have 2 kids and I am 11 weeks pregnant. I have had the spitting problem for all three pregnancies. I don't even need a pregnancy test to know that I'm pregnant because the spitting gives it away before I even miss my period. This is just the worst thing ever. If someone can please let me know how to get rid of this please let me know. I am not having anymore kids because of this problem. It's the most embarra__sing thing when I am in school and there I go spitting into napkins. Someone please find a cure even if it's too late for me it will help someone else.



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