Stomach Cramps All Day Vomitting All Day Sleeplessness

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Terra - April 12

I am 13 weeks pregnant and since I was 9 weeks, I have TERRIBLE stomach cramps and I feel like vomitting all day long. My sense of smell is probably better than a dog's. The smell of smoke, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, candles, perfume, air freshener, onions, hairspray, any cleaning products, men's cologne, paint, matches, get the picture...makes me gag everytime and if I didn't hold it in I would be vomitting all day. I also find it extremely hard to fall asleep and get back to sleep once I do. I am so sore from my stomach and tired from not getting a decent nights sleep, that all I do is lay in bed all day and try not to vomit, eat whenever I'm hungry and my boyfriend says to "just get up do something". Believe me... if I could I would!!!! Please help....I need some advice!!


SarahJane - April 14

I was like that with my first pregnancy. Have you tried keeping soda crackers nearby. I used to munch on those and it helped quite a bit. If it continues I would talk to your OB about it. They may prescribe a different prenatal vitamin or something else that will help with the need to vomit. I hope this helps.


Michele - April 20

I have been this way too. I lost a lot of weight also. Your dr can give you meds that will help with it. Right now Im on Zofran, but it is really expensive. 7.70 per pill with my insurance. I have stopped cooking, I have family that cooks for me or we go pick something up. Find unsented soaps, etc and let others know that strong smells bother you. Call the dr. if you are still sick all the time. I also found preg. pops that might help at the maternity store. I was told peppermint, and cinnamon would help. Take b6 pills also. They take about a week to start working. Your right sleep makes things worse. Maybe a long pillow and sleeping on your side. Play soothing music to fall asleep. I hope things will get better soon.



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