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Maureen - September 15

I'm 7 months pregnant and my baby is very active. It is constantly moving around. Consequently I have not been able to sleep very well the last few weeks. I don't know how much more I can take for the rest of the pregnancy. Is there anything I can do?


tamale - September 15

hmm...maybe you're actually experieincing braxton hicks contractions?


Donna - September 16

Not sleeping is part of becoming a new mom. Get used to it.


Sarah - September 21

Everyone I knew who had a very active baby had a boy! Just a thought. Nothing you can do with it. No matter what, they are still easier to care for while they are inside, so enjoy have the time to yourself while you have it and try to sleep whenever he is having a nap and had quieted down a bit.


Brooke - October 1

I am 7 months too. Mine is a boy well we hope that the doc is right..but boy does he kick all through the thing for you to do is what i did. I recorded everytime he was awake and kicking and ended up coming up with a little chart of when to get some sleep and when there was no chance of it. I find that i can sleep peacefully from 3.30am-10am. But dont look at babies kicks as a with them..sing to him..poke him let bubby know ur there and appreciate him moving around. I love it!! If you still cant sleep try a warm bath before sleep and maybe even some relaxation music.


Laura - October 25

I feel your pain sister. My baby (which is a boy) kicks me really hard sometimes, especially when I'm lying in bed. Sometimes I feel like yelling at the baby to settle down! Not that that would help any :). It does get annoying though, the constant movement. Sometimes it even hurts! It's nice when he sleeps for a while and I can rest too.


E - October 25

Mine is a boy and a major kicker. It freaks me out b/c it is my first and I am not used to this little alien moving around in me. It feels un-natural at times.


Brooke - October 25

Yeah tell me about looks like u have an alien growin inside you. watching my stomach move from side to side and wobble is amazing..i love it..i worry when he doesnt kick...yesturday he did a huge movement and it made a noise of water slapping the was really strange has ne one else experinced this? I am now 4weeks and 5days to go :) good luck new mummies


Liz - November 2

Well I am just about 7 months and am having a girl. My first daughter was exactly the same way at this point - NONSTOP kicking, rolling, elbowing, etc. I don't know what advise I can offer, but I will say that once baby #1 was born she seemed much calmer than in the womb.


sherri - December 8

I am 35 weeks and having a boy he definetely moves around more than my daughter did. I went to a cla__s when I was pregant with her and they told us not every night but when we felt that we could not take it anymore to take one benadryl. Girl I did that and slept like a baby. I am scared to do it all the time for the effects on the baby. But you know it helps on Friday nights so you can sleep late on Saturday. Good Luck and may God bless you all.


tiffany - January 17

I am having the worst pain when he kicks! I am 35 weeks and THIS HURTS!!! I try to push a little to help the pain be not so bad.


cherisse jonae legans - February 10

i would like to know do u go by your last period and then count the months of pregnancy.


momtobe - March 17

The 40 weeks start counting from the first day of your last period.


Dear Maureen - September 5

Busy babies are healthy babies. :) I'm currently 28 weeks and my baby (a boy) is so active!! I often talk to him when he moves around a lot or very violently kicks and I ask him, "Where do you think you're going to go in there?" or "Careful! Don't kick open your shell yet!" I have a lot of fun with him when he rolls and punches me. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, particularly when sleep is desired, but feel good knowing that your baby is busy and that means that he is a healthy and happy baby. You'll miss feeling him squirm after you give birth.


brittany - September 6

i'm 38 weeks with my first and i'm having a girl. she's the biggest psycho ever!! i can lay there and watch my belly roll all the time i have hands, feet, knees, elbows jabbing me constantly. it really hurts but i play back let her know she's loved and i understand being so cramped can't be confy for her either. i'm willing to take her punches and kicks she's worth it.


Rayne - September 9

How about laying down and getting comfortable an hour before you decide to go to sleep. That and I found that peanutb___ter helped me out when I wanted to go to sleep. I eat a spoon full of it before I go to bed and my little "demon" goes to sleep quite willingly. Either that or you can try 1 tylenol pm. My dr. told me that it wouldent hurt the baby, as long as it's not used for a long ammount of time.


Kristie - September 9

Welcome to the great life of pregnancy!!! I am 7 months and my little girl is very active. I believe it is very normal for your baby to be as active as he/she is. I know many women who have been pregnant and have problems sleeping because of the baby moving so much. I think the baby is getting you ready for when he/she comes so he/she can keep you up all the time.I would talk to my doctor and ask if there is anything you could do but I don't think there is. My little girl wakes me up early morning and stays awake for a long time at night. Good Luck!



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