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LauraJayne - October 30

Can anyone plz help me with any of this, as i'm only 18 (34weeks) i've no mum or female relatives and my midwife is useless and half the time ignores my questions. 1. Is it normal to pee as much and feel like i have a constant urine infection (tests all negative) and do most women get bladder weakness after they have kids? i've always had a constant need to pee, even before i got preg. ??? 2. i have anaemia, and the doc said my iron levels are still dropping, despite taking tons of iron on prescription. feel breathless and palpitations, dizziness.Can this harm my baby or reduce oxygen to her? 3. Is it normal for my belly button to be sore and hot?


Melissa - October 30

oh wow hun- i dunno- i know peeing alot is normal, but the rest i'm useless on. consult a doc!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 31

Prior to being pregnant, I had overactive bladder, it got way worse while pregnant, had to pee 10 times more. After delivery I was experiencing some incontinence, which I guess can be normal. I had a few st_tches from delivering v____ally. It is getting much better now. My son is 11 weeks old. The dizziness and palpitations were normal according to all of my books and my docs. They could not find anything wrong with me and said baby would get plenty of oxygen. Those symptoms completely disappeared after birth. My belly was usually sore, and quite warm, Iron was okay so not sure about that one. I would suggest switching doctors if they do not want to address your concerns, that is why they are there.


nmq - November 6

The need to pee is normal, I wake up to pee at least 6 times at night and I don't even count during the day :-). About the midwife, I would recommend switching, find someone who adresses your questions. Thats what they are there for. Low iron levels are neither good for you nor your baby, could lead to a high risk pregnancy and could affect the brain development of the baby. Keep taking the iron supplements and try to eat food with iron. A healthy diet is more effective than supplements. If you are not happy with the doctor, consider switching doctors too. You can switch even if you are in the last trimester, I wasn't happy with mine and I switched in the sixth month. My present doctor takes time to answer all the questions that I have, even silly ones :-)


nmq - November 6

Check out his article, it has information on anemia during pregnancy. Unfortunately it will not give you any rea__surance but at least you can find solutions to this problem.


Bridget - November 11

Anemiea is dangerous to YOU and since you are having symptoms of severe anemia, you probably need more intensive treatment. I had intravenous iron treatments but it was before I was pregnant. I don't see why you can't have it while pregnant but of course a dr. would know more than me. If you are getting winded and your heart is palpitating, you are risking heart problems. Anemia is more serious than many realize. I learned the hard way, by becoming dangerously ill before I got treatment. Find a dr. who listens and answers all your questions. You deserve respect and attention to any concerns you have. It's what they get paid for. Good luck


Rida - November 14

I have missed my period for the month of October and it still havn"t came on yet for November, plus I keep getting really bad headaches and cramping and I spoted for 1 day.Is it trying to come on or could I be Stressed out


nmq - November 14

To Rida: Well, when I got pregnant I found out after 7 weeks cuz I had heavy spotting the first month and I thought it was my period. So, it is possible to have spotting while you are pregnant. Don't know about the headaches thought, I never got those. Get a home pregnancy test kit, they are pretty accurate.


Lisa - November 17

I've never had a particularly large bladder, but when I got pregnant it was ridiculous how much i needed to pee. Lastnight I got up 8 times to go. I felt for sure that something was unusual about needing to go that much but from talking to other women who have been pregnant I realized that peeing all the time is just one of the discomforts that you have to endure especially the last ten weeks or so. I can pee and before I get back to what I was doing, I have to go again. I've often considered taking up permanent residence on the toilet . If you look at pictures of how much room your bladder had to stretch before you were pregnant and how much room it has now in addition to the fact that the baby's head is resting right on it it's no wonder you got to go all the time. In order to maintain strong bladder control until old age its important to do kegel exercises daily. The biggest reason women develop incontinence is that they have weak PC muscles. A lot of times when I get breathless and dizzy, it's simply because I am really hungry. Your body needs so much more food right now than it normally does so even if you ate two hours earlier it's possible your baby is hungry again. Try eating something light when that happens, a salad, piece of fruit or some nuts. Also it's important to make sure your iron supplements are not the only source of iron in your diet. All prenatal supplements are important during pregnancy because they insure that your baby is getting what it needs but it is always best if you get those nutrients in your food as well. It is very normal for your belly b___ton to be experiencing strange sensations, soreness, itchiness, hotness and so on...there is a lot of pressure on it forcing it to stretch out and take a completely different shape. Keep lots of lotion and cocoa b___ter on will help with the discomfort and also it will help your skins elasticity and prevent permanent stretch marks. As for the midwife, the reason midwives are superior to doctors is that they take the time to talk with you and you can express concerns you have physically and emotionally. If your midwife isnt doing that for you, either express your concern about sharing such an intimate experience with someone who you don't feel is being sympathetic to what you are going through right now or see if you can switch to another midwife who will work with you more sensitively.


angelea - December 1

if your midwife is so ignorant then get another, they are there to help you not ignore you. the peeing only gets worse as there is less room in there so the baby starts squashing up in side you, this also includes your lungs which makes you breathless sometimes. if you do pelvic floor exercises it will help with your bladder after the birth. a lot of women i know do have weaker bladders after child birth. i have never had this problem and i have been told that it is due to 25 years of horse riding which uses muscels that most women dont use. if you are feeling dizzy, have something cool and sweet to drink (fruit juice) and something sweet to eat. my doctor said dizziness is usually just low sugar levels. i am 38 wks pregnant with my 3rd child and i can tell you that every pregnancy is different. i hope in so way i have helped but so many people so many different things and have different advice, its hard to know what is right for you and what isnt cause every womens body is different.


beckyjms - December 11

hi hun, it is completely normal to feel like u wanna pee constantly i am 32 weeks and i feel the same it can sometimes feel like the baby is puching his way out but i promise do not worry. i also have anemia and at your stage yes it is normal for ur levels to drop more. Good Luck!


rl - December 11

you should ask for another midwife i am sure there is more than one there report this one she should be answering your questions



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