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dreams - December 28

I'm 11 weeks pregnent and I'm really worred about stretch marks cause I heard it's genetic and my mother has it. What should I do to prevent and when should I start useing lotions?


advice - December 28

start using lotions now, and dont put it just on ur stomach, u should also put it on ur b___bs and thighs or b___t cuz u can get stretch marks there, unfortunatly i dont think theres anyway to prevent stretch marks, u'll get them regardless if u use creams or not, but u can always try and see. good luck.


dreams - December 29

Thank's a lot, I didn't expect to get answer so soon. Do you have any suggestions of about what brands of cream to use?


J - December 29

Mustela works well...they sell it at motherhood, mimi and pea in the pod. Good luck!


advice - December 29

well at first i tried using palmers cocoa b___ter but i dont think it helped at all, i just bought Dermasheer SHEA BUTTER, its 100% natural, not sure if it will work but i will try it out and let u know later.


ck - December 30

My mom & sis are covered in stretch marks, I have similar skin and am of similar body size but have NO stretch marks. I'm pregnant w/ my 4th child - and still afterwards my stomach will look as if I've never had a child. And no, I don't even work out. Here's my the right kinds of fatty food like avacado's and nuts use cetaphil lotion on your belly & hips and most importantly what ever you do...DONT SCRATCH YOUR BELLY! As your body stretches your skin becomes thinner and just a scratch on the skin can lead to a stretch mark. I figured this out when I was in puberty & getting b___sts - they itched I scratched then noticed stretch marks. So my body is the type that will get them but no matter how crazy it makes me I will not scratch my belly and I don't even have even one. If it itches just rub in more lotion. Cetaphil is expensive but good stuff and you can buy it pretty much anywhere. Good luck - I'll be wearin my bikini this summer, how about ya'll?


Anna - March 3

I'm still determined to prove u can get rid of stretch far I've tried cocao b___ter, a gazillion firming creams, palmer's stretch mark cream, biotherm stretch mark cream, vichy stretch mark cream, castrol oil (not the motor oil) baby oil, aleo vera the pure stuff, vitamin e and the list goes on and no luck.. though this might sound crazy but so far i'm trying to exfoliate the heck out of my stomach day in and day out with one of those rough body gloves and some body sugar it's working well i call it my form of microdermabrasion, and the only other thing that has worked a little is nivea skin firming lotion



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