Stretch Marks Someone Please Help

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Corrine321 - April 11

well i got my very first faint stretch is so light u could barely see it...I do use the cocoa butter stuff for stretch marks but i forgot to use it for 2 weeks... now im constantly putting it on!! what else can i do to not get them?


Corrine321 - April 12



Mom2b - April 12

I was just like you. I made it to 34 weeks without any stretch marks. I got a little to happy. The next thing I knew I got them. I have NEVER EVER even scratched and have been so carefull to always use lotions and cocoa b___ter, but nothing could prevent it. I still use the lotions and all to help with whatever it can. Sometimes, you'll just get them no matter what. IT SUCKS! SORRY! :(


angiebert - April 14

i'm at 34 weeks and so far none. i think it's more genetics than anything, but regardless, i've been using emu oil and palmers and body b___ter. all three twice a day! at least my tummy is soft! i hope it helps with stretch marks. how far along are you, Corrine?


Corrine321 - April 15

Im 30 weeks and 4 days today... I been using the palmers stuff and baby oil at night... I just hate getting stretch marks! I was scared to death of getting them! Is there anyway of not getting anymore?


numba1cutie6t9 - April 15

I didnt get any until 34 theyre here and staying..I dont think theres anything u can do about it. its mostly genetics. and if u try using cocoa b___ter it probably wont work once u have them...because u just keep growing..i think we just have to deal with it and see if we can get them to go away afterwards. I hear tanning helps fade them(after the birth_)


Corrine321 - April 15

yeah, thats what ive heard also.. i think i will end up tanning quite a bit if i get anymore! You can barely see the stretch mark that i have its very light and not deep... so thank god for that!


mom2b2x - April 17

With my first i got stretch marks but they were really low and after you could hardly see them but they were always skin colored not red or anything and i used cocoa b___ter and stuff 3xs a day to no avail but afterwards i was really excited they were down so low so my clothes covered them ... this time the baby is so big that of course my old stretch marks came back full force but at the same time i have red stratch marks up around my belly b___ton and i am afraid they will just have to be my war wounds from the most importtant things in my life ... at least when they get older i will always have them to remind me of what life is all about ... also i dont think there is anything you can do about getting them ... i have always been real thin and my stomach ahs never had elasticity so there was no way around me getting them but some people just get lucky that way .... good luck to you all ... and oh by the way just keep in mind that they do sell mederma for stretch marks (to be used after you have the baby and have healed ) that is suppose to work really well but is like 30 dollars a tube or more ...


Corrine321 - April 17

I just dont want anymore stretch marks at all! so maybe i will ahve to get that!


angiebert - April 18

i agree! i think tanning helps after the baby's born. my friend got some and you really can't see them. good luck!


sa__sifras - April 18

I am a licensed aesthetician and it has nothing to do with genetics, its how much and how fast your skin stretches back and forth. Not one woman in my family has stretch marks, and I got them on my chest---not even after a b___b job going from a B to a DD---but from the DD to the ridiculous G while nursing. It also looked as though I was carrying twins in my rear end, and got them there as well. I only gained 32 pounds, but it was my skins elasticity. All of the creams may help reduce the appearance, the sun seems to hide them, but they will not go away. There are procedures out there that will remove them with time, microdermabrasion is used along with other treatments. I just consider them battle wounds, and well worth it!


Corrine321 - April 18

sa__sifras- yeah, i have 3 of them now! i use the palmers stuff and the stretch marks that i have you can barely see, its just i can feel them and if i look into a mirror close, there there! but is it true if i drink more water it will reduce them?


sa__sifras - April 18

Drinking more water is always good for your skin, but no it will not reduce them. Mine are very faint but I gave up on the lotions and potions a while ago. i just hope they don't get worse this time around!


AppleCake - April 23

Hmm, I don't know about the genetics thing, but all the ladies in my family have marks (Including my sister who has never been pregnant) and also eveyone else I know with marks said their mum has marks too. I think you will either get them or you won't and once they have started to appear then there's no stopping them. I stretched VERY badly with my twins and have done much research- don't buy the creams none are proven to do anything. I was told the only way to get rid was a tummy tuck :( Be thankful you only have a few- mine go all the way from my crutch to above my belly b___ton, and from one hip to the other. Despite how many there are tho, 5 years on they are barely noticeble unless you really look hard.


LollyM - April 24

Man, I have stretch marks all over my b___bs and upper thighs/b___t! they are so dark and red/purple and the ones on my b___bs appeared pretty-much out of nowhere one day! I just looked down one morning and they were there =( Coco b___ter makes them not look as red and horrible, maybe it improves circulation or something. I mean, I love that my b___sts are so large now, but these stretch marks are just so nasty! luckily the ones on my b___bs are low enough that my clothes cover them but they seem to be creeping up higher little by little =(


BabySage - April 28

I wish I was only worried about one faint mark. I have a bunch all over my belly and upper thighs and hips from all the stretching I did. ( I didn't even start to show til about 5.5 months and then it was like WHAM! Jumbo). Be proud of your baby marks. It is just more proof of the wonderful gift you are recieving.


Bella2 - April 28

With my first pregnancy I used vitamin E lotion & got no stretch marks. With my second I wasn't as dedicated to useng vitamin E lotions, but used it as often as I remembered too. I didn't get any on my mid-stomach, only really low on my stomach.



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