Stretch Marks Someone Please Help

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Bella2 - April 28

With my first pregnancy I used vitamin E lotion & got no stretch marks. With my second I wasn't as dedicated to useng vitamin E lotions, but used it as often as I remembered too. I didn't get any on my mid-stomach, only really low on my stomach.


starr - April 28

It all depends on your skins ability to stretch out of shape and back again just as Sa__safras says. If you are going to get them, then you will get them. I am one of those people who got them during pregnancy and have tried different creams and lotions and now I just deal with them. I also know of women who have had babies and have the most beautiful smooth skin with no marks at all. I don't think there really is a magic potion to make them completely disappear although there may be something that helps reduce them. I have heard tell of some very weird things that women do to rid their bodies of these unattractive but very natural stretch marks.


sarahbaby11 - May 11

there really isn't too much you can do about it i truly believe it is all genetics. however try getting that mederma stuff. it is supposed to make scars fade. it does work for strech marks. my husband was really heavy and has lost lots of weight and had bright red stretch marks. we have been putting this on for a few months and they have faded to a light pink shade. so even if you can't stop them you can try to fade them


nglfcat - May 13

I am 32 weeks and so far so good. I am using vitamin E oil that I bought from Target. It isn't capsules - it is 30,000 IU oil in a jar. I put it on morning and night and so far it works!


Big mumma - May 14

Hi im 19 and have very dark very large stretch marks that go from belly b___ton all the way down and im only 28 weeks pregnant with much more growing to do, so I went to visit the health shop and I told them what I had been using cocoa b___ter stretch mark cream and they said dont bother with it. I am now taking Flax Seed Oil capsules (you have to take between 2-5 capsules 3 times a day) they said these capsules would give the skin cells nutrience from the inside so they had more elasticity in each cell therefore would be able to stretch more without marking, I am also using Rosehip Oil that I rub on my tummy 3-4 times a day. With using both the pills and the oil you combat the skin cells from the inside and out. I have only just started taking this stuff so no result yet. Oh and for those of you who are having preblems with constipation Flax Seed Oil is supposed to helps that aswell, Trust me that bit I have noticed, its much easier to go to the toilet since Ive been taking the pills.


redemptive_angel - May 27

The Cocoa b___ter stuff doesn't always work! I was using it religously morning and night. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have some stretch marks right under my belly b___ton. I was told by my Dr, that if your going to get stretch marks your going to get them and it doesn't matter what you use or how often you use to prevent them, your going to get them. Granted I think it has reduced the amount of stretch marks I would have gotten if I wasn't using it... So I continue to use it (besides it keeps my belly from itching). I would not stress out about missing a day or two though.


falafal0 - May 29

This is my fourth pg and I have only three stretch marks from lower belly up to the belly b___ton. I actually don't think they look much like stretch marks because my midwife asked what they were from...just pale and shiny. Unless you stretch the skin, you can't really tell. I've never rubbed more than a handful of any cream on my belly throughout all my pregnancies, and it was only then then the skin was itchy a bit to stop it. That said, even though I may have only a few on the belly, I have a few more on my b___t. So go figure. I know women who've bought expensive stuff and cheap stuff and none at all and still have stretchmarks. So I agree with some of the other posts - ifyou're going to get them, you will, regardless of genetics or what you put on. Aren't we lucky?!


pj - June 2

Just saw the thread...just interested optimatlly when should you start using anti-stretchmark creams????????


Athom - June 7

With my first I had three little dots that were a faint faint light purple color... now pregnant with my second and don't think I'll ever wear a 2 pc bathing suit again! I think it just depends on the way you carry. I've heard that its genetics too.


mommie2b - June 9

I use hair conditioner I have been lucky and it does work


mhatashi - June 12

I'm at 39 weeks and no stretch marks. I'm not sure but this may be why... I keep a bottle of baby oil by the shower and when I get out I put baby oil all over my wet skin before I towel off. I've been doing that for years and it's always kept my skin really soft. I also rub some straight vitamin E oil on my stomach a couple times a week and then rub it in with cocoa b___ter lotion.


AllisonLawfield - February 21

After having a baby.. most of us get stretch marks in the belly, mine were not that bad not that good but I decided to try dermalmd stretch mark serum for all the good reviews on google.. after 2 months of use, I noticed they still look pretty obvious but the redness faded. and generally my belly looked better. Yes I would recommend it.


SarahCarey - May 21

Dermalmd stretch mark serum helps to keep the stretch marks at bay and helps reduce the appearance of old ones. Been using this since my 4th month of pregnancy. Will use even after baby.


Beelost - May 24

I used a self-made lotion with oils, honey and beeswax. I haven't got any mark. But using oils only is also good


carinachiara - June 15

I have used other stretch mark creams and none have been as effective as dermalmd stretch mark serum by dermalmd. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and my stretch marks were beginning to fade within a weeks time. It does not leave your skin greasy as other stretch mark products do and has a very mild scent. I would certainly recommend this serum to anyone looking to lessen the appearance of their stretch marks.


SherikaHolliman - December 17

I have had 2 children and had horrible stretch marks as a result. I started using Dermalmd stretch mark serum and within a couple of weeks, I saw results. Even my husband saw the difference. I highly recommend dermalmd.



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