Strong Urge To Urinate But Not Able To

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crimson4154 - March 13

Hi, Has anyone had problem urinating at all? Today I desperately needed to go, but once I tried nothing came. I felt the intense pressure in my bladder and I knew it was filled up with liquid but the more I strained the less it worked. It's gradually gotten worse over these past weeks. No pain involved. I'm only 12 weeks pregnant, my 2nd one. Did not have anything similar with my 1st one. Very uncomfortable and concerning. Should add I was able to go later fairly normal, but it's been coming and going for a few weeks - but got much worse today. Very grateful for replies.


diem - March 15

It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection.


carriebug - March 15

ya i have to agree with diem sounds like a UTI .. have you told your Dr. about it? Oh also im 20 weeks with twins and i do have a bit of the same problem off and on no pain but hard to go, no infection... what i do is try to get baby A to move off my bladder.....this is going to sound a little strange but i just try to move her around a littleby walking for a few min ... oh and wiggling does seem to help a bit... you should go in and see if its a UTI though ....


crimson4154 - March 15

Thank you guys! Not a urinary tract infection this time - that one I would have recognized! I guess I just had some odd pressure on the bladder from the uterus that caused the discomfort. It sure was a strange feeling though! Thank you your replies though!!!


damma32 - March 29

I am in my 17th week and I am dealing with exactly that problem. I figured it out. This is so very strange, but I read in my books that it might help to lean forward to urinate. Well, I leaned a bit and it didn't help!! I leaned more...and VOILA! The baby actually sits on your bladder and puts pressure on the urethra tube and shuts it off like a valve or like folding the water hose. I now have to l spread my legs apart while sitting on the toilet and lean forward, as far forward as possible until I hear the stream. I actually lean forward to get the baby off the bladder just enough to be able to pee! It's ridiculous, embara__sing, and SO RELIEVING! When you gotta pee, you do what it takes. I also thought I had a UTI, and was tested by my doctor. I keept feeling like I still had to I do. Be patient, the stream is its own reward.


jackieh - April 5

If it is not a bladder infection, leaning forward to pee helps and if you are at home and find it uncomfortable try getting on your hands and your knees and raise you bum in the air and rest your head down on the bed, this makes the baby float up to the top of your uterus, I did this excercise to help turn my breech baby but I found the great side effect was that it decreased the pressure on my bladder too. I did it as long as I could hold the position but 5 - 15 minutes at a time a few times a day help relieve the pain.


del4dave - April 16

im 16 weeks and ive been having the same sort of problem although when i try to go it , hurts i sit on the toilet a while but stil nothin comes out, i think i will be asking my midwife what is rong when i see her next, x good luck with your pregnancy



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