Tail Bone Pain

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Theresa - February 26

Is it normal to have extreme tailbone pain at 14 weeks?


Tracy - April 4

Hi. I have extreme pain there, too. It's as if I've bruised my coccyx, but I haven't fallen or done anything I can recall to have bruised my bum. Sitting down is challenging. I'm asking my doctor about it the next time I go in - will post her response. By the way, I'm at 23 weeks and I've had this for more nearly 2 months. Hope yours doesn't last as long.


Lisa - April 7

I'm 22 weeks and mine is killing me also. I'm also planning on asking the doctor on Monday at my appt. It hurts when I sit for long periods of time and especially when I stand up. I've had mine for about a month. I hope it goes away for all three of us!!


lala - April 8

I am 26 weeks and I still have it! I feel like if I could just pop my back it would feel better but I can;t. I take Tylenol.


Mel - May 20

I've got the same pain, and from what I've read today it sounds like it is actually pretty normal, expecially if you are carrying low. I'm 31 weeks and have had this pain along with pelvic bone pain for about 2 months now. I'm at the stage where I don't do alot of walking and always wear shoes or slippers to ease the weight on my legs. The only solution I can give you, is rest as much as you can. It seems to help me. I also had bowen therapy done and that seemed to help. Good luck


j - May 22

I have had coxicks pain for 7 months and I am ttc, I was diagnosed with coeliacs 4 yrs ago and was told I have had it all my life, because it wasn't diagnosed early I now have sever nerve damage from just under my bust down so I have no suface feeling at all,( i can feel inside so I still have a s_x life) I am on heavy pain killers because of the pain in the lower back and legs plus I have restless leg as well, the best way to ease the pain is get your selves a U shaped cusion and sit with you bum cheeks either side of the opening, it helps.


sarah - June 4

I started having pain in my tailbone during my last trimester. My child is now 1 year old and the pain never went away and actually the last month has become extremely bad. I am now taking strong pain meds, using the u shaped pillow and been having test done. All test have come back normal so far and my doctor has no clue as to why it is hurting. Although, my mother-in-law works for bone doctors and they have done some research and said that it is common to get the pain in the coccyx area from pregnancy and it is extremely had to get rid of. My next options are injection or have it removed is what he said.


Rhonda - June 4

I just read another post recommending a special cushion for tailbone pain: http://www.youcantoocan.com/ac4store/category.asp?SID=8&Category_ID=51 Rhonda


lindsay - June 9

yeah i have the same thing. im 21 weeks, and when i sit at work it kills me and standing up is even harder. it makes the day go by slow and miserable. ive tried sitting on a pillow and that didnt help. i cant stand it anymore. its been going on for a month or so now. i dont know what to tell you to do because i havent found anything


Jennifer - June 23

I'm 15 weeks and I also have very bad tailbone pain when I sit down or stand up. I've had this for about 3 weeks. After reading the other responses, I'm a little worried that I'm not going to be able to do anything to ease the pain. I have the pain daily so I don't really want to take Tylenol on a daily basis. I'm going to try a heating pad during the day while I'm at work, hopefully this will help at least a little!!


Jessicca - June 23

I've had extreme tailbone/backpain during that same month...I still have it and I'm 33 weeks pregnant! When you sit place a pillow on your lower back, when you sleep lay on your side with a pillow between your legs and one under your tummy. Also tylenol helps a lot! Muscle rub and heating pads help...get a ma__sage whenever you can and also ice your back/tailbone at least 5 times a day. Good luck!


SUNNY - July 7

I am having this pain too, it just started 2 days ago, I haven't fallen or done anything to irritate it, the only thing is I am 19 weeks pregnant. I really hope this goes away soon, the pain is unbearable! I will talk to my Dr. during my next check-up in a few days.


Kelly - July 13

I am so glad that I ran across this web page. I have been feeling the same horrible pain in my coccyx bone for the past two weeks and the more I sit the worse it feels. I've been explaining to my husband that it feels like someone threw me off a truck and I landed on my tail bone. It does help to stand, but then my feet hurt just from the pressure of the weight of pregnancy... so it's a lose-lose situation for me right now. I'm 26 weeks, and am hoping that this goes away. I read on one of the posts here that it's not that uncommon for this to happen when you are carrying low... which I am. If anyone finds any type of relief for this, please share the knowledge. For now I am going to order this seat cushion wedge that allows coccyx bone freedom while sitting, alleviating pressure: http://www.allegromedical.com/personal_care/pillows_wedges/coccyx_cushion.P191751 I hope we all get an answer to this soon - other than just knowing that we are not alone going through this. :)



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