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StephieK - January 14

Hello everyone, I'm only about 6 weeks pregnant, but starting a few days a go I've been having horrible pain in my tailbone. It's very painful to sit, get up from a sitting position, walk for long periods and to roll over or lie on my back in bed. I have no idea if this is normal or not or whether anyone else has ever experienced something similiar. My mom works at my OB's office and told me that it's most likely from the stretching of the ligaments around the uterus......but will this last to whole pregnancy? Any adivce would be welcome!! Thanks


stacyh - January 28

Hi StephieK, I have tailbone pain. I have a Father-in-law that's a chiropractor and he mainly suggests to sit back more with you b___t agains the chair- placing the majority of your weight on your thighs. Most people sit on their tailbone, but changing that will help. He suggested to me to sit on a doghnut, the kind that's used for hemroids to relieve some pressure. Also, he said to place heating pad on it, but not too long... Maybe 5-10 minutes and alternate with an ice pack for 1-3 minutes. But, you should still ask your doctor. And it's probably caused from the ligaments loosings like the Ob office said, also it could be due to some weight gain. Good Luck, mine is still there from time to time, but just concentrate on your sitting position and as soon as you feel it sit like how I described, stand up and readjust. It doesn't completely go away, but it does subside.


kristinns25 - February 16

I had something similiar but it was more behind my hip and when I walked it felt like I was going to die. That was when I was about 7 weeks... now I am 12 and have it on and off.


sagekelli - March 5

the foam donut you can get at any walgreens works well and is good for postpartum too especially if you need st_tches, it takes the pressure off that area when you sit. my tail bone pain left and came back middle, and then again towards the end of my pregnancy. i'd have it for like a month at a time it seems. your bones are shifting down there to make room for baby to come out. an 18 dollar donut is worth the relief now and later especially


Mommy_to_be - March 8

It could be a million things...I had tailbone pain like you are describing and it turned out to be a pilonidal cyst that I had to get antibiotics for. If it gets worse definately see your doc...if it doesn't get worse by day...wait it out and see what happens! Good luck!


lawlady72 - March 9

I have tailbone pain, but I also have a herniated disc in my lumbar spine, so that is a major contributor.



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