Tailbone Pain

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Dani - August 25

Im 13 wks and 4 days and the same pain in my tailbone started just 2 days ago... It feels like a light bruise...I never thought it was too serious and my midwife told me to take tylenol and it should fade. I guess this is just another part of pregnancy...they say every woman is different... maybe WERE just all the SAME!!! LOL Good luck ladies!


Sarah - August 29

Hi all, I am 37 weeks and I too have had a very painfull tailbone for most of my pregnancy:( Have any of you tried a birthing ball? (you can buy an exercise ball, its the same thing) I find that when i sit on my ball it takes all the pressure off of my lower back and tailbone...it also helps with hip pain:) I highly recommend it...they are pretty cheap and very easy to use:) I hope this helped:) good luck everyone:) Sarah


- k - - September 2

Please does anyone know thesure to this pain. It is almost unberable for me?


jodie - September 4

I have a tilted uterus and i had tailbone pain with my first child. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and was in extreme pain, I would cry when i would have to get out of my car. My doctor gave me muscle relaxers and the pain is almost gone. He said it would not hurt the baby. It also helps you sleep.


carey - September 26

I am so glad I saw this. I have the pain only really when I sit. But it is really bad and it almost feels numb. Like a nerve is pinched? Is that crazy. I am 19 weeks with twins. I am also wondering if anyone else has noticed it is worse when you may be constipated??


EXCITED - September 27

OMG! OMG! I am not sure if I am pregnant yet? I was on the pregnancy symptom forum looking for women who have the same symptoms as me and I couldn't find one that stated anything about the tailbone. So I looked on and found this thread. OMG!!! I have this tailbone pain it feels like a bruise. It hurts to sit and it hurts to get up from a sitting position. i noticed it a few days ago and thought maybe I hit and just didn't realize it. I have other symptoms as well like sore b___st and nipples, bloated, hungry, headaches (feels like I have a hangover) and slightly conjested nose. Ladies if this sounds like I could be pregnant please let me know! I am so excited that I found this thread.


Sandra - September 27

(carey on 9-26) I am 18 weeks along and dealing w/ tailbone pain. Mine is not constant at this point, but when it hits there's no warning and the pain stops me dead in my tracks - you must all know what I'm talking about. I also notice it acts up most during bathroom visits. I want to labor w/ out meds but I'm concerned that this pain will get worse as I get further along (bones shifting and extra weight, etc.). I just can't imagine pushing w/ that kind of pain on top of the other pain! Has anyone labored w/ an injured or bruised tailbone w/ out meds? Thoughts on the issue??


bump - September 28



Tiffany - September 28

I have tailbone pain now , combined with hip pain-which basically means i sit in bed all day cuz it hurts too much to move. but I also had tail bone pain Before i was pregnant, it was so bad i couldnt walk, i dont even know what i did, i went to a doc they said it was nothing gave me some pain meds and told me to keep it on ice, or to take a hot bath--both help ease the pain. i got a heating pad the other day it works wonders, i was actually able to move around the other day, its a good investment too for when you start getting back pain, hip pain, or just pains..


bump - October 4

anyone feel this before they found out they were pregnant?


Zaynab - October 9

i googled this just now because i have also had such really bad tailbone pain and i thought it was normal but after many weeks i thought maybe it was just me. i find the best thing is for me to lay on my stomache and have my husband apply pressure with his hand in a downward motion both on the tailbone and beside it. sometimes it is so bad i can't walk, but after he does this it becomes easier for me.


Lisa - October 9

This is my 5th pregnancy, and I this is the first time I have experienced this! It happened almost overnight, too. With 4 other young kids to take care of, I can't imagine living with this every day! I am not able to function the way I need to! My first thought was that I need to go to the chiropractor. I'm calling tomorrow!


preg - October 17

I just posted a similar question about rear end pain in the general pregnancy section. Glad I found this! I get tailbone pain during and after exercise, even just long walks. I am 10 weeks along. I like some other posters have a tilted uterus and I never knew that could cause tailbone pain! That was helpful tio read. I am trying to do exercises that strengthen the rear muscles in the hopes it will help, but i am not a Dr. so I have no idea if that will help.


Jen - October 18

I thought I was crazy! I've had terrible hip and tailbone pain, that worsens when I stand or lift things. It started 8.5 weeks. I also have a tilted uterus. Thank goodness I'm not going crazy!


Robyn - October 18

I have had this pain since about 5 weeks along and i am 12 weeks now. My dr directed me to go to a chiropractor for help and believe it or not, it's working! The pain is not completely gone, but it has lessened. Also, my dr thought that the baby might be on a nerve back there and be pinching it, which worries me when i become fat and huge,, ha ha . We'll see.


ashi - October 19

I have tail bone pain when I was 20 weeks pregnant for my second baby.And now it is almost 7 months.It hurts badly when i sit and specially when I try to get up.pain killer never work.I went to the orthopediatric and he said it can be orthopedic pain.(isn't too early?)(joint pain)I am so worried about it.with 2 kids ,it is so hard to have this kind of pain.Anybody gets any cure and treatment?anything helps?



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